Holland and Barrett

Not sure how long Huel RTD has been stocked there, but a heads up that I saw all of the original RTDs in H&B in Bodmin, Cornwall today…alongside a competitor (non vegan).


@hunzas The real question is … did you snap a photo?! :camera_flash:


Oh…I’ve let myself down haven’t I. They did have banana Huel which I’ve not seen anywhere outside of direct from Huel.

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Me running to the store: https://media.giphy.com/media/9rRacglGbs68E/giphy.gif

New to Poole, disappointing to not see huel powder, very dominated by yfood. They also have Puriton and Phd sacks.

I don’t think anyone (aside from Huel) sells Huel powder though. Shame really. But yes Y Food dominated the H&B I saw too.

I did buy a couple of Human Food bars and they are really nice

Handy to know, cheers

Yeah huge missed opportunity, Huel should have a much stronger position on that display. Omitting powder and H&S just seems odd, there’s clearly appetite for those products from H&B.

Not to become a stuck record (lol), but grabbing one bag of yfood and a couple coffee RTDs fitted well into my day. Will be grabbing single bags of PhD and puriton for a try next time.

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