Pregnancy statement is confusing

Hi, on the Huel FAQ, it says

Mothers are told not to have too much vitamin A, nor to use vitamin A supplements during pregnancy.

This makes it sound like Huel would have too much vitamin A for mothers, but the subsequent statement seems to suggest the opposite:

The amount of vitamin A in Huel meets the U.S recommended intake requirement and is lower than typical intakes of people who consume a varied diet, and far lower than levels that have been shown to be safe during pregnancy.

This last statement makes it sound like Huel’s levels of vitamin A are too low for pregnant women, which almost sounds like the opposite of the first statement?

Not sure if I’m just reading this incorrectly… Could someone explain the true meaning to me? Thank you in advance!

Is it that the first statement is not relevant to the amount of vitamin A in Huel, which would mean that Huel has less vitamin A than what mothers need?

Hello - there have been several discussion threads on this before and the Huel team have recommending that intake is limited to one serving a day:

it is not that the levels are too low - just that they are below the maximum levels recommended during pregnancy.

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Ah got it, thanks very much for linking me that other thread and also summarizing its findings!

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Phil got there before us! As with anything and with pregnancy being different for the individual we recommend you consult your doctor if you have any concerns about consuming Huel while pregnant.

Edit: It’s important to know that the advice of one Huel meal per day does not include our new product Daily Greens as we wouldn’t recommend consuming this while pregnant or breastfeeding.