Vitamin A derived from beta-carotene?

Hi there - what is the Vit A derived from in Huel?

I’m pregnant and interested in whether I can increase my calories in 1st trimester (due to morning sickness) without having to eat them all and can just chuck them into a Huel portion a day.

My concern is over consumption of vitamins, when i’m taking pre-natal vitamin tablets already, particularly in the case of vitamin A.

If it’s beta-carotene, that’s fine because my body will naturally expel excess. However it’s its another derivative, that is a problem as I shouldn’t exceed 700mcg per day of retinol based Vit A for example. Any advice here would be greatly appreciated. It says it can be used in pregnancy under cautions, but there’s no detail in that. Particularly if i’m already loading on the right vitamins.

Many thanks

Hi @Amanda_Victoria

The source of vitamin A in EU v2.3 formula (and Bars and Granola) is retinol acetate (it is noted on the label) - this is a natural form.

Unless you have an underlying health issue, I disagree with your figures. The suggested safe upper limit for supplemental vitamin A is 8000IU (2400mcg) per day. This is supplemental and assumes an already adequate food intake.

The amount of vitamin A in Huel is 160mcg per 100g which is way, way lower than the figure. Indeed, it’s suggested in pregnancy that women have at least 3,300IU (990mcg).

The reason that there is caution suggested on supplemental vitamin A in pregnancy is because some have mega-doses.

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