Retinol acetate

So, as far as I understand it, the Vitamine A in Huel is in the form of retinol acetate. It’s stated on the website that 99% of the vitamine A in Huel is from the VM blend, which is stated as coming from a natural source.

My question then is, which source? I am of course not a food scientist, but I only know synthetic derivates OR natural derivates coming from animal sources (liver, milk products, butter, cod liver oil).

Just wondering, also because the source of vitamin A is important for pregnancy etc.

It will definitely be a Vegan source

@JamesCollier said this about v2.1 powder
“ The form of vitamin A currently used in Huel v2.1 is retinyl palmitate. This provides vitamin A at the level of 0.16mg per 100g Huel which = 533.3IU”

Doesn’t answer your question though :laughing:
Maybe James can help - I can’t find anything about the source


Yes, but which one :slight_smile:

It’s interesting that they changed from retinyl palmitate to acetate

Hopefully James will see this as I tagged him above and will be able to answer your question :grin:


I think they state somewhere that they changed this when going to a new Huel version so they would not rely on palm oil as a source for the vitamin A. Which is a decision I wholeheartedly approve.

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Wow I’m amazed it relied on palm oil for any version…
I buy vegan vitamins / minerals and would hope that being labelled as vegan would automatically rule out palm oil, for all the very obvious reasons



Maybe @Dan_Huel can shed some light on this topic?

Sorry for the delay in this. We recently changed suppliers for some of our vitamins and minerals, as a result that article is out-of-date and we are working to get the information to update it.

The retinol acetate is synthetic, I don’t have information on any of the other vitamins and minerals yet but will let you all know when the article is updated.

Apologies if anyone feels mislead.


Thanks for the info and clearing it up :slight_smile: For me the most important is that’s it’s from a vegan-source, so I am happy :smile: