Vitamin D3 Vegan?

Hello! Really close to trying this product, I heard its very hard to get a vegan source of vitamin d3, I was wondering what Huel use for it to confirm it definitely is 100% vegan?



Yes, we can confirm that the product is 100% vegan @Nik3000 The protein used is pea and rice protein, so its a great vegan protein source. I hope you will think about placing an order soon, and please let us know how you get along!

Thanks for the replies, it seems there is a conflicting information on it either being d2 or d3. It says d3 in the Nutritional information but in the ingredients list it says it’s d2! I’m going to go ahead and order my first Huel anyway since I will assume it’s d2 if you say there are no animal products.

@CycleMoose Well spotted! It looks like there might be a typing error on the nutritional information.

Yes, that is a typo - we Ergocalciferol, which is a vegan and is D2 - well spotted @Nik3000

The label for the new run has been updated.

awesome, thanks guys :slight_smile: looking forward to getting my Huel!