Vegan Vitamin D3

Looks like vegan Vitamin D3 is now available and used by competitors:

Any chance of the Huel team reviewing this?

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If they don’t, the cheapest source I have been able to find is this one:

It takes a while to ship, but it’s a good product.

Thanks for this. We are aware of the vegan D3 from lichen. The concern with D2 being that isn’t as available, which we compensate for by including more. We are always looking to improve Huel and this is certainly on the list of positive changes we want to make!

Leave it with us.


That is a lot more expensive than what I currently pay. It works out at 28000 IU/Euro, whereas I get 67000 IU/Euro.

I buy mine from Amazon Prime.

You guys may want to look at adding a lot more D3 to Huel too. All of the research I’ve looked at on Vitamin D3 consumption, indicates that the amount we should be consuming is considerably more than current amounts recommended by government bodies.

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I too would be happier if Huel team let us know their thoughts for not increasing the level of vitamin D in Huel.

I think it’s because they’re attempting to replicate the amounts recommended by the EU. The problem I see with that approach, is that those amounts will always be quite conservative and not based on the latest research. Still, at least it’s too little of something and not too much. We can always add more, but not take out what is already in there.

We are aware of possible vit D alternatives, but it’s not just as simple as just switching. What happens if there are potential negatives with the new forms. I need to look into everything thoroughly and this takes time.

Rest assured this is on my list - but I need more info that that provided by a brand.

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In case you (or anyone else) is interested, I’ve found an even cheaper one than the one you linked in this post. Unless I did my calculations wrongly, if you go with the 240 tablet option, the price per IU is only 35% that of the one you linked. You get 240 tablets of 20000 IU each for €24.99 (~£21.52 at the current exchange rate).

For those in the UK not wanting to have to import, the same product is on amazon UK (here ) for only very slightly more expensive, at £21.65.

One tablet lasts 20 days??? 13 years worth of product in one bottle…think it may have gone off by then…or have I misread the blurb?

Apparently German regulations state that they aren’t allowed to sell it as more than 1000 I.U. per day, so they have to say each 20000 I.U. tablet will last 20 days, even though people may take a lot more. I know a common dose is up to ~5000 I.U. per day, so for people taking that much, each tablet will last 4 days, so the 240 tablet option lasts about 2 years, 230 days whilst the 120 tablet option (for £12.95) would last about 1 year, 115 days. I doubt they’d expire within 1 year, 115 days, though they might within the 2 years, 230 days for the 240 tablet pack. I ordered some just before posting and they’re due to arrive on Tuesday - I’ll post the best before date on the bottle once I have them.

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Thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

The vitamin D arrived today. My 240 capsule pack has an expiry date of 05/07/2019, so just over 2 years and 4 months.

Assuming an intake of 5000 IU per day, you’d need 2 years and ~8 months to use the whole pack. As such, for individuals purchasing just for their own needs, it may be wiser to get the 120 capsule pack than the 240.

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Funnily enough,I actually bought some following your recommendation, and according to the notification from Amazon this morning, they should be arriving today. I did in fact go for the 120 pack.

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I thought vitamin D3 had to be taken as a liquid, and even then, absorbed by your throat?

No. The reason it is often sold as a liquid is because vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin, and as such needs to be taken with fat to be absorbed. However, it is just as beneficial to take an isolated tablet with a meal that has some fat in as it is to take the liquid.

can someone explain in lay terms your concerns about vitamin D3¿ why shall we get it as a suplement and Why huel does not implement it in their formula. many thanks

The RDAs for vitamin D are extremely low, and as a result of this, many people are deficient. Huel is better than some alternatives such as Joylent/JimmyJoy, offering more vitamin D (albeit in D2 form, not D3), however it still doesn’t contain enough to prevent deficiencies in a lot of people. Adding in a supplement like the one above means you’re getting some D3 as well as D2, and are less likely to encounter deficiencies.

Huel hasn’t incorporated it because they want to make sure lichen based D3 (the vegan form) does not have any side effects before adding it. However in my opinion there has been plenty of research indicating its quality and lack of side effects, hence my recommendation.


Are you still using these D3 tabs ( every 20 days ) @hunzas ? What did you think of them?

Yes I am, I am still using them…I guess like many things it is hard to measure their efficiency without getting blood tests done, but better safe than sorry.

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