B12 quantities & veganism


I’m a vegan and am using Huel again (to good effect so far) for 2/3 of my meals a day - I was wondering if the B12 content is high enough, or if I should continue supplementing with b12 tablets as I did before

Thank you!

Huel contains 100% of your B12 requirements assuming you have 2000 calories with a day. If you have less than that a day supplements might be a good idea, assuming you don’t get B12 from elsewhere in your diet. check here for more details:

Yeap Matt is spot on.

It also depends on how much b12 your tablets contain.

The most reliable way to get b12 from vegan foods is through fortified foods e.g. plant milks and meat alternatives such as tofu and

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…but seriously though…don’t expect much (if any) B12 in tofu.

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Not naturally no, but soy products are often fortified.

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they are, but tofu generally has none. Tempeh (from fermented soya) is a far better bet.

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The B12 I buy has something like 4000% of your nrv or rda, which is handy as I never remember to take them, so it doesn’t matter if I skip a day or two. Or have a one Huel day, or no Huel day, rather than my usual 2.