One week in and love it! A few questions about breastfeeding whilst on huel and supplementing as a vegan

Hi, Absolutely loving Huel and everything it stands for. I’m currently only a week in and have been having 3 scoops for breakfast, 2 for lunch and a normal (very large!) vegan main meal. As I’m breastfeeding I’ve been adding bananas, berries, mango etc to huel for more calories and I like the taste better that way and I’m also having healthy snacks occasionally if I’m hungry so not to lower my milk supply. My main concern is B12…do you have to be fully on Huel to get enough or should I be supplementing either way? Obviously as I’m feeding not just myself I want to make sure I’m getting the right amounts. If anyone has any advice it would be gratefully received :blush: would also be great to hear from anyone else that’s breastfed whilst on Huel and your experiences/tips. Thanks!


Firstly I’d say hopefully you have a trusted health professional you can get advice from. I’ll show my workings because it is too important to be wrong and you could get it checked.

I think the easy way to look at this is that 5 scoops is about 190g of Huel. The nutritional information for Huel says 500g gives 100% of a 2.5 microgram RDA. So your 5 scoops provides approx 190/500x2.5 = 0.95 micrograms.

Hopefully you have a more specific RDA for yourself while breast feeding. If not that then finding that would be the best place to start. I think it is safe to say it would be a bit higher than 2.5 micrograms but whatever the specific figure it seems to me you would need extra sources of B12, be it diet or supplements. Obviously you’d check any supplement you take while breast feeding.

I am a vegetarian and the soy milk I drink is fortified with B12 and yeast extract is good as well (love it or hate it).

I hope that helps a bit. I wouldn’t want to make a recommendation because that should come from a professional but I’d say you are certainly right to be looking into it.

Unfortunately the only nutritional board that do something like this are the FDA, and they have different normal requirements to us too. Regardless though, their value for pregnant/lactating women for vitamin B12 is 2.8 micrograms per day ( Recommended Daily Intakes and Upper Limits for Vitamins and Minerals | - the figures in green beneath the main table).

Thank you both so much for the information and advice :blush:
Obviously during pregnancy and now whilst breastfeeding I’m being careful about my nutrition more than ever and didn’t plan to start Huel untill after I’d stopped breastfeeding. However since having a newborn I’ve been absolutely shattered and just don’t have the time to make highly nutritional meals as I normally would have done. So I felt having a perfectly balanced liquid meal was way better than the easy to grab sweet, high carb, high salt etc snacks I was consuming. In the evening I have more time as my husband can help out.
As it works out I feel great! Huel has given me more energy and I’ve stopped craving sugar constantly. I’m less bloated too. It’s the best I’ve felt in ages. My daughter also seems very happy and content (fingers crossed it remains).
I will definitely keep supplementing with good foods high in B12 (as I’m already doing) and take a supplement too.

Thanks again!