I’ve been taking a huel black shake meal most days for the past few years and it really complements my plant based diet, definitely happy to make sure I’m getting all the nutrition I need.

I recently found out I’m pregnant, around 7 weeks along, aside from some bloating, no nausea or vomiting. Other pregnancy symptoms are present and not great. I’m continuing to take huel to work for lunch most days and feel same as usual drinking it.

Does anyone have any of their own experience or advice related to huel and pregnancy?

In my completely uneducated opinion, you should be fine to continue taking Huel as I don’t think it contains anything in excess that you wouldn’t get from other traditional forms of food.
In fact when you reach your third trimester and need to be eating more calories it may be a useful tool to have in the lunchbox

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Hi there have been a few threads on this over the year - such as this one if its any help


Thank you, yes I had read this in the huel nutritional info pages.

Pregnant women have to be careful about their vitamin A intake as it can cause foetal deformities and problems with development.

The huel nutritional info says 1 400g serving a day is ok which is what I have

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Interesting. It’s good you took the time to research :slight_smile:

Thanks @Phil_C, that info is still relevant @DuskMagpie.

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