Severe Headaches With Huel?

I don’t think it’s that. I had 2 Huel’s yesterday and the headaches started. Didn’t eat anything else or have another Huel and the headache went away. Had a Huel this morning and the headache came back.

Rarely had a history of headaches. I’ve tried soylent and I didn’t react to it. I purchased chocolate and the berry flavor.

I recently tried Huel and started getting these painful headaches right after. I started off with half a scoop, then recently did 2 scoops. Both gave me headaches.

I’m just disappointed they don’t have kind of sample size or smaller size to purchase. I think i’m just stuck with a loss of $65 bucks.

There are all sorts of reasons for headaches - I have heard of sucralose being a trigger; also detoxing can cause headaches - you mean be suffering withdrawal from things like sugar.

It could be something else entirely.

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It is as @hunzas said, there are many potential causes for a headache.
Could be (the ingredients) of Huel, could be coffee/sugar withdrawal, detox, etc.

Not excluding the possibility it has to do with Huel, but even if… what changed other than
starting to eat Huel ? Did you stop eating/drinking something else or just less of something ?

I’m used to having headaches, but it is a lot less than I ever hoped for since I’ve started with Huel.

i’ve never reacted to diet drinks that contains sucralose. I wasn’t detoxing either, I was adding it with my meals. I’m certain its Huel because after I stopped taking it, I stopped getting headaches.

I haven’t changed anything since I tried Huel. I just added it to my meals afterwards.

It was more of a painful migraine than headache.

I had them for the first few days on Huel, when I diluted my drinks with unsweetened, fruit or coconut flour, the headaches did go away.
Now, I always have a scoop of unsweetened in with another flavour and don’t have a problem. I think my body needed a period of adjustment too.

Solved then.

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Shame Huel didn’t work out for you @juna. I don’t know about the US but here in the UK they refund unopened bags FYI. Also check out the US version of the Huel forum maybe someone in your city would buy an opened bag from you if you’re sure it’s the Huel giving you the headaches. Or maybe hold onto it and give it another go after a few weeks, just one small portion