Sodium content missing on label

Huel nutritional labels do not include the Sodium content, instead only present the Salt content.

I am at risk of developing hypertension in the future, hence I am advised by my doctor to monitor my Sodium intake. Given the multiple sources of ‘Salt’ in Huel, it is impossible for me to convert that information into the actual Sodium content in Huel.

Will Huel please start including the Sodium content in the Vitamins & Minerals section on the label?

This has become a larger issue for me since Huel 2.0, which has increased the ‘Salt’ content by a significant amount. It is easy for someone to add salt to Huel if they feel/know they need more salt, but it is impossible to remove it from Huel.

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Regulations state that products should declare sodium as salt. Both levels are directly related. To convert simply use the following equation:

grams of salt ÷ 2.5 = grams of sodium X 1,000

We will look into including sodium seperately.

It would be great to include that information for completeness (with a reference to the fact that it is doubly accounted for as both “Sodium” and “Salt”).

Thank you for the reply.

I did not that regulations require Sodium be declared as ‘Salt’, I incorrectly used the chemical definition of salt - which includes compounds such as Potassium Chloride - and hence did not know how to convert back and forth.

For the sake of future searches regarding this topic, I believe that equation is not correct. It should be:

grams of salt ÷ 2.5 = grams of sodium


grams of salt ÷ 2.5 = milligrams of sodium × 1000