Sucralose Cancer warning. See other sucralose thread

Studies have shown Sucralose metabolites are genotoxic, breaking up DNA. On gut tissues exposed to the sucralose metabolites.

“When we exposed sucralose and sucralose-6-acetate to gut epithelial tissues – the tissue that lines your gut wall – we found that both chemicals cause ‘leaky gut.’ Basically, they make the wall of the gut more permeable. The chemicals damage the ‘tight junctions,’ or interfaces, where cells in the gut wall connect to each other.”

Maybe it’s a good idea to not add any sweetener and leave it to the consumer to add sugar/honey/ageve syrup or artificial sweetener to if they want.

U/U is the equivalent of filling your shaker up with a farmers field after a heard of cows have desecrated it in the in rain. As sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar it would take unhealthy levels of sugar or honey to mask the taste enough for it to become palatable for most people.


I have responded to another thread addressing this article. Of course, it’s understandable to be concerned when you see headlines such as “x linked to x damages” in the media.

Whilst saying this, it’s also important to look beyond the headlines and consider the whole picture, such as:

  • How the study was conducted (the design)
  • Who the participants were (rodents, humans, or cell culture)
  • What was measured and if it accurately represents what was consumed or what it’s intended to
  • If how much consumed is similar to typical intakes
  • If confounders were also assessed (ie. things that can also have an effect on what is being measured, such as other aspects of diet).

In this case, it is important to recognize the necessity of investigating whether the findings observed in controlled laboratory settings (in vitro) can be reproduced in living organisms (in vivo). Therefore it is unclear how this relates to the real world- post-ingestion. As you know, we have a variety of products to allow each individual to make their own choice, for example, our Black Edition Powder is sweetened naturally, with stevia and coconut sugar and we offer an unflavoured/ unsweetened version of v3.1.

For additional nutritional information and advice on sucralose, we recommend checking out this article - Is sucralose safe to eat? – Huel


Hot drinks cause cancer. Smoking causes cancer. Processed foods cause cancer. Sugar and fructose, alcohol and saturated fats cause liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Natural radiation, e.g. from radon, cause cancer. So don’t have oversea flights. Stay at home, don’t use mobile phones (due to the radiation" - and stop breathing; because cellular oxygen metabolism produces free radicals that could also cause cancer.

It’s not really worth responding to such rhetoric but…Life causes death, that doesn’t mean you don’t want to avoid it if possible.

It’s why I’m an anti-natalist. The only way to avoid death is not to be born. Alas not something you have control over.

My Dad died of bladder cancer at 49 years old, didn’t drink alcohol or smoke. He was a healthy person and was never ill, in fact he was fit and well when he had a medical which found he had the cancer.
My Grandad died of old age at 90 years old, he smoked 50 a day woodbine cigarettes and had a proper fry up breakfast every morning.
Luck of the draw when you go, when your numbers up it’s up. Just enjoy life the best you can and do what you want and enjoy what food you like while we are here

The first sentence is just unhelpful The second is a misunderstanding: because sucralose is 600 times sweeter than sugar it doesn’t mean you need a lot of sugar, it means you don’t need much sucralose.

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Coup is correct in respect to UU - if you were to add enough sugar to have the same sweetness as the Sucralose in a 2000 kcal daily intake it would require adding at least 80g of sugar to that total - based on the micro-grammage of Sucralose currently in the product.

Alternatively you could try: 60ml of Honey, 30ml of Maple Syrup or 50ml of Agave Nectar. UU is very ‘earthy’ – I use just one scoop of UU complete protein in a shake with a cup of frozen fruits and it still makes its taste ‘experience’ known.


The microgrammage is not evident to me but taking your figures further that’s about 2 teaspoons of sugar per 400kcal drink.

yes - a teaspoon is around 5-6 grams so you’d be looking at adding around 13 spoons of sugar if you were doing the 100% in a day on top of the 5.5g of natural sugars already in the product.

I have been consuming U/U for this reason for years…

What do you mix it with? I tried Black U/U with 25g of cacao and it was okay’ish but would prefer something better so looking for ideas

Any fruit; frozen banana is excellent.
Most spices; cinnamon, ginger are easy…turmeric most healthy but with U/U makes a pretty hardcore flavour

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what doi you think would happen if you smoked the huel like do a couplke hot rails of it would it still give u cancer?