Sucralose - why?

No doubt this is a great product with many health benefits, I’m just struggling as to why Huel continue to use sucralose? I have read the article on the site about the sweeter and it certainly isn’t conclusive while at the same time there is a large body of evidence that claims it can be damaging to the gut - as a Crohns sufferer I have researched this area to a fair degree. Why not use a natural sweetener? Is it cost??

You have a large body of evidence saying that sucralose is bad for our health? That’s revolutionary and you should definitely post the links of the studies! :slight_smile: I have never been able to find a study that would say that sucralose is bad for you, unless you heat it up.

Here are a few which raise this - and the question is still there…why not use a natural sweetener??

I don’t like sucralose so I buy the unsweetened version or Huel black edition which contains natural sweeteners instead

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I’m unaware that sucralose has adverse health consequences. There was some therories of sucralose affecting blood glucose and insulin response but I don’t think that is the current thinking.

Thanks Christina…I didn’t realise and got my first order of standard today and had a drink of one bottle so am now stuck with the rest…:frowning:

@Tomg you can return any unopened bags for a refund or try selling it on here and then buy the unsweetened instead. The flavour boosts are all free of sucralose too - they use stevia.
Or Huel Black has higher protein and uses stevia and coconut nectar to sweeten. It also has no oats, which might be better for you if you don’t tolerate oats well (?)

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Its efficiency. The same sugarness with just table sugar would need around 4-8% per 100 gr. So its quite a lot.

I dont like sucralose, and there is some information that links it with the diabetes and with the damage of the gut bateria.

Solution? Go U/U like me. I use vainilla Huel just as a flavour boost, its healthier than normal flavour boost

Thanks- what’s UU?

Unflavoured and Unsweetened aka Earth&Mud

At the beginning I couldnt handle it alone, now its the 95% of the Huel I eat


@ChristinaT @Tomg If you are interested, I have 25 bags of Unsweetened for sale in this thread: 25 bags for sale, Cambridge UK

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Yes in Dr Greger latest book ‘how not to diet’ he discusses sucralose and the negative effects it has on gut microbiome. Stevia is fine. I now only use Huel Black to avoid the sucralose.

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Huel’s official guide to sucralose:

@rikefrejut I did see that post. If I was closer I’d take some, but I can’t drive at the moment as have had shoulder surgery. I seem to have quite a lot of stock at the moment so wouldn’t want another 25 bags :laughing: but v2.3 UU is my favourite :yum:

Let me know if anything changes and you want e.g. someone to pick them up for you. The bags will be available until I leave the UK, which should be within 2 weeks. Then they go in the dumpster :frowning:

In any case, I hope your shoulder gets better soon.

:scream: don’t put in the dumpster that would be terrible!
Can you donate to a food bank?
Find out how much shipping would be to Bristol
I recently sent one bag back to huel via Royal Mail and it cost me £13.85 :flushed::confused:
But there might be a courier like myhermes or yodel that will be cheaper. I have a friend in Bristol who also likes UU so maybe we could go halves.
Anyway PM me if no one else wants it. It would be terrible to waste it x

Nooo don’t do this! Take them to a food bank, a homeless shelter or put them on a site like freegle or freecycle I’m sure people would be grateful for them. Or if you want money for them try eBay.


Any visit to Spain? Haha I would love to collect them

Maybe we can work something out, I have friend in Bristol who can hold til I visited again, would share costs on a few bags at least.