Sucralose and gut biota

Enrichment of bacterial pro-inflammatory genes and disruption in fecal metabolites suggest that 6-month sucralose consumption at the human acceptable daily intake (ADI) may increase the risk of developing tissue inflammation by disrupting the gut microbiota, which is supported by elevated pro-inflammatory gene expression in the liver of sucralose-treated mice.

Personally, I would love if Huel switched to aspartame.

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Why don’t you just use the unsweetened & unflavored version?

There is even more controversy regarding aspartame than sucralose.


Aspartame extremly toxic I avoid it at all costs


I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t like the taste of U/U. And no, scientifically there isn’t much controversy regarding aspartame. It’s regarded as safe.

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Oh god no. Avoid avoid avoid.


It would be interesting if @JamesCollier would weigh in on this.

Of all the artificial sweeteners stevia would be my first choice, then sucralose, saccharin would be second from bottom, and aspartame bottom. If Huel used either of the last 2, I would not use it.


I fear that quite a few of our fellow huelers are aligned with you on this. It pains me a little.

I wouldn’t touch Huel with a barge-pole if it contain Aspartame! Just like I don’t consume anything else containing it either.


I know many people feel that way. Not sure why you consider sucralose better.

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Surely the point of U/U is you can use what you want to sweeten and flavour it? You may or may not like the taste as it comes - and you won’t know unless you try. But if you don’t like it then consider it a base to start from. If you want to use aspartame then use that. Or a banana, or some milk alternative. Plenty of companies make flavorings you could try using various different sweeteners.


I guess. But I’m lazy, so I’ll just go on with Vanilla with added coffee, worries about sucralose notwithstanding.

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My body told me otherwise. I trust my body more than a science that used and uses to call all kind of things save that cause me symptoms. Often decades later they find out that my body told the truth in the first place.

Never tried sucralose, I think.

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Interesting. However:

  1. The study is on mice; humans are liklely to be very different
  2. How many mice was in their cohort - does it say?
  3. There is no mention of the mice’s diet before and during the experiment. This is crucial on a number of levels, for example - diets rich in soluble fibres and prebiotics increase gut flora populations. It could be that these fibres protect the microflora. The fibre profile of the mice’s diet could be crucial.
  4. There might be other things in their diet that affect the microflora
  5. They treated mice with a pro rata in respect of weight amount of the ADI of sucralose compared to humans - does this reflect humans?
  6. How do the results of the study translate to human health? Sure, we can make assumptions.

This study is, for sure, a worthwhile read, but it should be looked at in combination with other research.


For me just seeing where aspartame comes from is enough!
As far as I know it’s the excretion from genetically modified bacteria. And has serious ill effects on humans.
That’s what I gather. we have to do our own research and come to our own conclusions of course.

A lot of things we use are ‘excretion’ of bacteria. Thinking that makes it like poo though is a somewhat false analogy, as bacteria aren’t complex enough to have a functioning digestive system like that. What’s more accurate is to call such products the results of bacterial fermentation of certain ingredients.

However, as you say it is up to individuals to make their own decisions on the topic.


Could you elaborate on the reasoning behind the choice of sucralose for vanilla and stevia for flavour bags?

The sweetness and flavour of vanilla Huel is not pleasent with the trials we’ve done with stevia. With the natural flavour system pouched, we want to offer people an alternative that is natural.

Have you done any trials with aspartame?

Interestingly I see one of your new competitors uses stevia in vanilla but sucralose in other flavours…not sure why, nor have I tried it…dunno how that works for them.

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