Time is running out for Huel RTD

I don’t eat soy or dairy, so it’s a no brainer for me.

You have Pulve, YFood (if it about lactose and not diary), Feed. and Nutberg all which are soy free and without lactose.

No dairy. It’s not even the lactose, because there’s not much of that in cheese.

How many of those are a complete food like Huel?

All, except Nutberg which it is a meal replacement, but comes from “real food”, aka no chemical additives so they lack all the necessary micronutrients.

Pulve are one of my favourites together with Huel. Good price, good nutrition, locally souced products and OK tasting Vanilla flavour. https://latestfuels.com/pulve/

The only problem is that they only have vanilla flavour.

Also I forgot to add ambronite to the list. Similar to Nutber, but complete.

I have covered all of those already in my site. But I understand that requires effort to read all the reviews. HOnestly, I think Pulve is the most similar one.

Ah. But I avoid wheat and maize also. So Huel ticks pretty much all the boxes for me.

Fair play. At the end of the day that is part of the game. Finding the shoe that fits your foot the best.

Huel is great.

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Just in time for Pantomime Season, Cinders.