Type 1 diabetic update

2nd month of 80-90% huel.
Hba1c same as last check at 41 or 5.9% so very pleased.
Total cholesterol down from 5.9 to 4.3.

So very happy overall. You have a life long customer at present. Keep up the excellent work.


thank you @Andrew_Kennedy for the feedback, kind words and stats.

Just out of interest how did you test your cholesterol.

I get multiple regular full blood work for my various ailments :smile:
So was part of the blood tests they send me for.
So hospital lab work on my blood taken.

I guess fairly accurate?

Only change I have made is thehuel, she thought I was on statins. Very surprised that diet alone had such a positive impact in such a short space of time

That is very interesting and yes blood work at the hospital should be accurate. Thanks again.

Hi Andrew

Glad to hear you’re doing well - those improvements are excellent. Yes, the hospital tests are very reliable.

Keep us posted

So another update on my blood test results for cholesterol.

My HDL was far to low at 0.3 and LDL was 3.4 so total was good but ratio way of.

Another 8 months of Huel and my ratio has sorted itself out.

So total is now a respectable 3.6. HDL is now 1.0 and LDL is now 2.6

Again the doc was incredibly surprised I was not on a statin with this further improvement. HbA1c a little higher than normal but 45 (6.2% i think?) Still pretty good going!


That’s amazing, thank you for sharing that. Keep up the good work.