Back on Huel after 12 months off

Just ordered huel again after being off it for 12 months, I previously used it to help me go from 140Kg to 90Kg. Ive yo-yod between 90-96 (normally winter at 96 and summer 90 when doing Triathlons) in the last 12 months. I am currently at 89.

Main reason for going back on it was had my annual health check, my cholesterol has shot up (TC) from 3.1 1 year ago when on 2 meals of huel to 5.8 (last week). I exercise 6 days a week Run/Gym/Swim/Bike, only changes have been 1. come off huel 2. Reduce carbs and up protein (so maybe to much red meat etc). I am also aiming for 82Kg this time (183 cms).

Im going back on 2 or total when I can and be interested to see what my TC and LDL readings are in 6 weeks time!

Other than Total Cholesterol everything else has stayed the same (blood sugar etc).

Has any studies been done on Huel and impact on Cholesterol?

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Hi - there are no proper trials on Huel and blood cholesterol - however, we are working on a plan to look at a bunch of blood markers