Blood Test after 2 years on Huel

I’ve been using Huel for 60-70% of my diet for over 2 years now, and last few months eating only Huel 6 days a week with one cheat day.

The reason for doing 6 days a week has been to lose some unwanted lockdown belly fat.

It turns out that eating a whole loaf of bread and honey in one go isn’t that good for your figure. Shame.

Anyway, I have lost all the weight and pleased in particular that I have kept good muscular shape and size in the process.

In the past when I have exercised and eaten to lose body fat I have also become smaller in the chest, arms and shoulders which hasn’t happened this time on Huel!

I love Huel and feel amazing on it, however I wanted to see what it was actually doing to me so I went to the doctors for a blood test just to check if this stuff I had been mainlining into my body for years wasn’t actually killing me slowly.

I am also 40 this year so best check these things.

Heard back today and my doctor girlfriend was very happy with the results and gave me an A minus.

Everything was well within the healthy range - only things worth mentioning: my LDL cholesterol was slightly on the higher side of the normal range but still normal, and my HDL cholesterol was slightly on the lower side of normal range, but again still within it.

I won’t eat only Huel 6 days a week forever - although I am really enjoying it at the moment, but I’m more than happy with how its making me feel and look, and importantly what the science indicates about its effects on me.

Thanks again Julian and James!


The physiologically normal LDL cholesterol level for adult humans is LDL ~50 mg/dL or ~1.3 mmol/L. What were the values?

My LDL was 3.0 mmol/L.

“2.6 to 3.3 Near optimal LDL level, corresponding to higher rates for developing symptomatic cardiovascular disease events

Emphasis is mine.

For further reading:

Overall I’d say you should have a look at what you eat when you don’t eat Huel.

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Could you tell what do you eat in that 30% of the non huel diet?

ALL the cake.


(I jest)

That’s really interesting to read, thanks so much for sharing. Did you grab your blood data before you started Huel? Could be awesome to see the change!

That’s good. What test was it? Did you just as your GP or was it private?