Abnormal blood test results

I know there has been a few people already post blood test results but thought i’d highlight a few things in mine and just ask why the abnormalities, generally aiming this at the dietitians and nutritionists amongst you.

Now i take 4 x 3scoops a day of Huel plus i take 3 scoops of protein powder as well but at least 2000calories come from Huel, i sometimes add a sandwich here and there and fruit. In total, i have around 2500calories a day at least. My activities levels tend to be active, i do a powerlifting routine 4 days a week working on strength but also do a bit of running twice a week, yoga twice a well and a dynamic stretching routine twice a week. I walk 2 Huskies twice a day for an hour each time. Job wise it’s 8 hours sat behind a computer. I’m 218lbs, 6’5 and around 15% bodyfat. Been using Huel for a year now.

The results that came back with red marks against them are:
Mean Cell Haemogloblin - 33.6 (27-33 Range) - High (possible deficiency in Vitamin B12 and Folic Acid)
Neutrophils - 1.8 (2-7.5 Range) - Low (Possible vitamin deficiencies)
Urea - 8.7 (2.76-8.07 Range) - High (Need more water) I do drink a lot of water anyway so this is strange, i tend to have water with my 4 shakes and then an extra pint or 2 of water on top.
Calcium and Corrected Calcium - 2.05/2.04(2.12-2.50 Range) - Calcium deficient.

Now, with everything it says on the back of the Huel pack, i’d have thought my diet would be absolutely fine in terms of getting all the micronutrients that i need. Does my activity levels and size warrant 5x3 scoops of Huel a day + extras and perhaps also include a multivitamin as well that contains calcium?

edit: Just to add a few other things that were within range.
Cholesterol - 3.78
HDL - 1.32
Triglycerides - 0.91
LDL - 2.05

The values look ok to me. Did you discuss the values with your doctor?

The ranges mean 95% of healthy people have those values, and 5% of healthy people will be outside of those values but still healthy. You can simply be a healthy person outside of the reference healthy range.

If you are still concerned, you can ask your doctor for further tests, e.g. vitamin B12, vitamin D (lots of people are deficient), folate levels, and maybe eGFR (for kidney function) and liver tests. Should be free/cheap.


Will be talking to a doctor either tomorrow or next week so will definitely bring this up. As from tomorrow though, going to up to 2500 calories of Huel.

Sorry for the late reply to this. You’re a big and active guy, 2,500 kcals per day, seems low. How’s your weight on this?

12 scoops is about 1850 Huel calories depending on how rounded your scoop is.

Do you feel like you have enough energy?

Were you feeling well when you had those bloods? There are other reasons why some of those values may be out of range.

I’d say, yes, consume another 2-3 scoops per day.