Huel pretty much exclusively for the past 4 months

Hello there.

Just wanted to report that I’ve using Huel pretty much exclusively for the past 4 months or so. I consume between 1400 and 2000kcal per day (so 7 to 10 scoops, all in one meal). I normally eat out once per week and that day usually go for ~4000kcal.

It’s working really well and feel not differences to eating high quality foods in similar quantities, as I did before.

Huge time savings, it’s great.

If someone is thinking about trying it, I encourage to do so. It’s healthy.


What products have you used exactly?

I have the bladder size of a child so I could never go 100%. I have to wait an hour after a shake before I can have a cup of tea.

I have tried so many times to get past day one but I get such bad headaches and crave normal food. I love the morning Huel but the lunchtime one is hard to get down. I’m desperate to eat healthily .

Just the standard powder. Next order I’ll get the black version, but they should be similar.

Yeah, that’s a small annoyance. I use as little water as possible, without the blender getting chocked. It’s still close to 1L usually, so yeah. Not annoying enough to consider talking it without blending and less water (in a more putty form) but yeah.

It’s like any other food, you should not get headaches or anything. I get hungry lately but because I’m in a calorie restriction, trying to get definition (I’m already fit, abs showing, etc, but want to lower a little bit more).

I’m doing light to moderate exercise (about 40min) 5 days a week, plus a day of hiking or airsoft in the weekend. I’m in a calorie deficit (for definition) and I’m already small (currently 56kg), so most people should probably take 2000-2400kcal.

Other than that I supplement daily with Creatine, D3 8.000IU, NMN, hyaluronic acid and collagen. If slept bad or feeling tired I also take 1mg NAC, with a limit of once per week. If over 45 you should probably consider talking NAC daily.

Even if someone experiences bad symptoms afterwards, there can be other reasons than the shake. Recently had gastritis and a gastric ulcer - Huel has not been the cause, but I would still not recommend it in this case; having to throw up something with the texture of Huel (regardless of what “edition”) is extremely unpleasant. At least for the powders, maybe the RTD are more liquid.