Type 2 Diabetes - Weight Loss

So I have been type 2 diabetic for 5 years and have continually struggled to maintain my weight.
After a significant weight loss of 8 stone over a 3 year period with help from my GP and achieving my ideal weight goal I have gradually put back on 2.5 stones over the past 18 months.
I decided to give Huel a try in an attempt to get back to my all time weight goal, after receiving feedback by the team at Huel that the product is safe for my condition.

Having totally replaced my daily food intake with
Huel 3 shakes a day (3 scoops - 570ml of water)
I have experienced incredible results with a total weight loss of 8 pounds in my first 4 days.

Unlike most meal replacement products I have found Huel to be fantastic with none of the usual side effects of hunger, and also a noticable improvement in digestive health.

I guess for some including myself the additional financial commitment will determine how sustainable huel will be for me long term, but I have been inspired by the initial results.


I’ve had diabetes for at least ten years (I think I went symptomatic in 2004) and discovered Huel last year. (It occurs to me that my anniversary is coming up…) My weight is fine, but when I became ill with Fanconi’s syndrome I lost my joy in food, either eating or cooking, which still hasn’t returned. My GP had me on Ensure (up to eight per day), which, of course is 25% sugar, and resulted in my highest ever blood glucose reading of 29. The struggle to achieve any sort of acceptable diet ended with Huel: after the first couple of weeks I went as near 100% as dammit.

I got a bit cocky with BG control and had a few too many “one bar of chocolate won’t make a difference” moments resulting in my BG going out of control for a while, but with careful monitoring and sticking to Huel with Bombay mix or nuts as snacks, I went from an Hba1c of 96 to 56 in a few months, which even got the grudging respect of Nurse Diabetes (aka Nurse Ratched).

To make for a bit of variety, I use either 200ml or so fruit juice or 100g fruit, fresh or frozen, as flavouring with the water, bearing in mind that I’m adding about 10g sugar to my meal. My disability means that I have a pretty sedentary lifestyle, so I generally just have two meals a day of 125g Huel.

I have a standing order for my Huel, getting 8 bags at a time to get the maximum discount, and I have to admit that when I put in a supermarket order every few weeks I actually struggle to make the price up to the £40 minimum - Huel is saving me money, as well as helping me control my diabetes :heart_eyes:

Last hospital visit I saw the dietitian and she had a look at this site while I was there. Reading through the ingredients list she was muttering “bet they don’t have… bloody hell, they do!” over and over. She ended up agreeing with me that the NHS would be better off serving Huel instead of Ensure.

I’m betting that you’re going to end up as happy with Huel as I am.