Using Huel + cycling for weight loss

That’s an awesome spreadsheet! Thanks for sharing!!!

The other option is to change your starting weight to 85.9 and work from there rather than 88 - this should improve the reliability of the TDEE estimates as you’re actually working with real time day by day data, rather than there being up to a week gap unaccounted for.

To be honest though, I’d take the TDEE estimate on any given week with a pinch of salt (the formula assumes that any and all weight loss/weight gain is due to fat loss/gain, which is not necessarily true, even when you’re looking at averages)- what’s really useful is watching the predictions over several weeks as there will be an approx value that they tend to be consistent with, even if occasionally the estimate is significantly above or below that (which will happen if you stick to your defecit but have a week where not a lot of weight comes off for whatever reason)

I have a Tacx Neo. I did have a bkool but the Neo is much better as it is a direct drive.

Week 8- Weds 25 Jul - Tues 31 Jul

days cycled - 4 (including some longer rides, average 10 miles per commute ride, rather than 8)
Average calorie intake - 2763 cal/day (I think - it’s hard to count some of the calories due to eating out at centreparcs)
Starting weight - 244 lb
End weight - 239 lb
Average weight - 241.1 lb

Slightly late adding week 8 on here as I was on holiday at centreparcs at the end of the week - so I’m pleased to report that I met the initial aim of this weight loss journey, to get comfortably under 18 stone in time for that! One of the “days cycled” this week was actually cycling 20 miles to centreparcs itself, while the rest of the family enjoyed a little more room in the car. It’s not an absolutely massive milestone but still, it’s nice to know I can fairly comfortably cycle that kind of distance, even if it’s not massive in cycling terms.

Weight for Tuesday is estimated based on my pre-centreparcs and post-centreparcs weights - as you can probably tell, there wasn’t a huge amount of difference. Week 9’s life lesson so far seems to be that a single week of slacking doesn’t ruin a couple of months of good progress.


been a couple of weeks since I’ve added anything on here (to be honest, I’ve ot really been updating my spreadsheet as regularly, but I’ve still been logging stuff on myfitnesspal and weighing daily)

Week 9- Weds 1 Aug - Tues 7 Aug

days cycled - 2
Average calorie intake - 2840 cal/day (I think - it’s hard to count some of the calories due to eating out at centreparcs)
Starting weight - 240 lb
End weight - 241 lb
Average weight - 240.6 lb

Week 10- Weds 8 Aug - Tues 14 Aug

days cycled - 1 (the lowest yet, would have been more but not possible this week)
Average calorie intake - 2236 cal/day
Starting weight - 240 lb
End weight - 241 lb
Average weight - 239.9 lb

If you were to draw a lesson from these couple of weeks, it would be a slight variation on “Rome wasn’t built in a day” - progress is slow, but it’s also not completely undone in a day, or even a week. The last couple of weeks have been pretty slack for me, I’ve still been logging food but I was away on holiday, and then since then I’ve not commuted as much as usual (not due to laziness but due to needing to work from home those days).

Despite that, I haven’t piled on the pounds this last couple of weeks. If anything I’m maintaining weight, although my averages have gone down by about a half a pound each week. It really is OK to slack off once in a while, and it really doesn’t ruin your whole fitness/diet plan. The important thing is not to give up completely and return to old, bad habits which over time will get you back to exactly where you were.


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Spreadsheets and cycling. My two favourite things!

Have you considered doing a weekend ride once a week, maybe throw a couple of hills in? 16 miles per day is a pretty decent commute so I think you’ll surprise yourself how far and how hard you’re able to ride.

funnily enough when we went to centreparcs I cycled there and back - 20 miles each way. It wasn’t as daunting as I was originally anticipating, and I’m sure the weight loss helped.

In fairness, I’ve been mixing things up a bit lately and taking some 10 or 12 mile routes to work/back home, and one day a couple of weeks ago I got to work only to find I had to head straight back home because our nanny was ill (I feel obliged to add that I’m not in any way upper class - we ended up employing a nanny in a strange situation where it became necessary) and needed me to look after the kids so she could go home. That was after a 12 mile route :stuck_out_tongue: I chugged my morning Huel down and headed back, and was a bit less worried about the ride to centreparcs after that.

The main issue with weekend rides at the moment is the fact that we’ve got three children - heading off for a long ride does feel a little like dumping them on the wife. I do sometimes go out on an extra ride but only for about an hour or so, just for that reason

Hill wise, my regular commute is a little hilly anyway, there are no monster hills on it (although there are a few around if I choose to go a different way) but my normal, basic commute is a long, gradual downhill to work and a long, gradual uphill back home.


I’d probably rather it be the other way around, but hey ho :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe invest in a turbo trainer for the weekends then? As a poster above already mentioned, things like Zwift make training a lot of fun. I sometimes find myself on Zwift in preference to an outdoor ride!

My mates who have kids say it’s the only way to fit cycle training around their lifestyles.

probably not an option in my case, I’m not really sure where we’d put it. The only sensible place would be outside, but that begs the question why not just go on the road instead…

Bonus extra post - today I’ve hit 17 stone exactly for the first time! Here’s hoping for some 16s in the forthcoming week :slight_smile: