V2.1 sample for completing survey: where is it?

Hi Julian and co. On 4th October I received a Huel email containing a link to a survey, with a promise of a v2.1 sample in return for completing it. I completed the survey immediately and submitted my responses. However that was over a month ago and so far no sample has showed up. What gives?

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Same here! I dropped in here to see if anyone else had received their sample yet.

Same here.

I got mine a week ago :slight_smile:

My partner and I both received the email and we both completed the survey immediately too. And neither of us have received any free samples in the post yet.

Sorry about this. I was handling it, so will message all of you to find out why you haven’t received this. The reason I’m messaging privately is in case I need to ask for personal addresses. Feel free to message me or email team@huel.com as well for more info.

Just as an update to anyone else viewing this, we have sent out emails and samples to everyone who provided their email address and physical address to send the sample to. Check your emails as we did send out an update email confirming things!

I often get emails that go straight into a spam folder, but can only see them from a laptop or pc rather than phone or iPad . Perhaps they’ve ended up in a junk / spam folder

Are you trying to say you haven’t added Huel to your list of gmail contacts? We are mortally offended. :wink:

FYI I didn’t receive an update email either. And it’s not in my Spam (although if it was there more than 30 days ago it would be gone by now). Just saying in case there’s an oversight in your process.