Warm bars

Hi all,

I just want to say warming the Huel bars is a ground breaker!! wow microwave few seconds with coconut oil absolutely gorgeous!!

However I am having to cut back a bit financially and they are a tad expensive. I know they are good quality but I would easily use them daily and had bought a pack of 16 but that every 2 weeks is expensive :flushed:

Anyway maybe there will be a decrease in price some day…but fab product.

I will continue with the shakes as I am definitely seeing results will just find equally as healthy snack.

K x

I’ve just tried this and it’s great! It’s a lot softer so easier to eat. Plus it’s lovely having some warm food. Thanks for suggesting!

C x

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No problem! :slight_smile:

As I say if they were a tad cheaper I would buy them all the time.

They are SO nice warm…

K x

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