What is the latest official Huel update on the efficacy of a sole Huel diet?


Sorry, but I agree with you Luke and I actually find it extremely worrying and kind of fascinating that discussions on here are so often shut down by “fan boys” when it’s a perfectly legit question.

Huel DOES sell itself as an entirely complete food solution. Its subtly woven into their marketing materials and as you say, is evident in the 2000 calorie / day thing. The booklet that comes with your order gives guidance on daily meal plans that are essentially 80% Huel.

Campaigns have been run to ensure we understand that junk food is bad for you. So comparing it to Big Macs isnt helpful. No, we dont test bacon, or sandwiches. But then, I’m not aware of any sandwich or bacon company that presents itself as a nutritionally complete food. I also havent recently been sold a sandwich complete with leaflet explaining how I can safely exist on just 4 of the company’s sandwiches a day, plus an extra small meal.

There are people on here who are existing entirely on Huel. I haven’t seen any of Huel’s employees commenting to say: “Please stop using 100% Huel, this is not how we intend our product range to be used”.

To pretend otherwise is disingenuous and I would question why its so difficult to get an answer to an otherwise pretty basic concern. I would also applaud Huel for its marketing efforts: they’ve managed to create a community of users that are happy to not only use their product but to also do their marketing and defending for them.

I love Huel and use it twice a day. But I also think when a company sells itself as a nutritionally complete solution, its pretty basic stuff to expect some investigation into how that works out a few years down the line. I think if you aren’t interested in that then you’ve clearly been well and truly had. Huel isn’t your BFF. It isnt a “lifestyle concept”. Its not a charity, its not a club. Its a company selling you a product in exchange for your money. You have the right and should expect to know what that means for your health long term.


Totally agree. I went to Slimmeria which was the closest to what you describe and it worked well for weight loss. Since discovering Huel I would love to try the same again but with Huel as the basis.


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Yeah it’s a weird concept but there’s a million different options for feeding yourself out there and Huel is just one of them. As with any, if you choose to use that option as 100% of your diet that’s on you, no matter if it is intended by the company or not. If Huel made a claim like “eating 100% Huel is good for you and it will give you wings” I guess you would expect them to back that up (or would you?), but otherwise they’re just taking ingredients, mixing them up, and selling them on, just like my local baker