What is the latest official Huel update on the efficacy of a sole Huel diet?


Hi @Luke2

Huel is food and, like @fakethom points out, you wouldn’t expect a clinical trial on other meals. Huel’s formula is based on science and we regularly lab test as appropriate.

As there are only a few people who consume 100% Huel (as far as I’m aware), enroling people to consume a 100%-Huel diet isn’t easy; indeed, one of the biggest challenges is complience - how will we know they subjects aren’t nibbling on biscuits unless we confine them to a controlled environment which is just not feasible?

However, @RebeccaOfficialHuel is just getting together a bunch of 100%ers for a trial which will involve blood tests, anthropometry and questionnaires. I don’t want to give more details at this point as we’re still discussing what we want. Our aim is for us to have some data by Christmas. Although we don’t need information like this, it is incredibly interesting for us and also for keen Huelers like yourself who raise fair questions like this topic.


Huel big brother house is the answer me thinks or take over a prison and feed the prisoners just Huel :innocent::innocent::innocent:


I see your point. Your research sounds really interesting and exciting. Quite frankly though, if you are able to gather irrefutable evidence of fat loss, health benefits, and other data that shows the potential of Huel, your business is going to blow up stratospherically. Especially with obesity levels in the U.K. and US right now, which they believe will overtake cancer as the number one nationwide health issue in the U.K. If you can supply studies, despite how difficult they may be to attain, that show Huel can help, you may as well retire to a paradise island of your choice, with the proceeds from the huge government NHS contract that will come.
Re the trials you are running, if you’re still looking for people, I could be interested, as it would possibly be a way of motivating myself to be more regimented in taking it.


I’d be well up for that, fits nicely with my regime and aim to lose another 14 lbs by Christmas. I’ve done a few days on 100% Huel already and don’t find it too challenging.


Man, medicine is not maths.
And you keep applying a double standard everywhere. What “irrefutable evidence” do you have that EVERYTHING ELSE that you’re eating APART FROM HUEL is not giving you cancer, halitosis and snoring?


You’re a very shouty person with all of your capital letter useage. Life’s too short to get so easily offended. We’re all just having a civil discussion. Try meditating


But do you have irrefutable evidence that meditating will not give me cancer? :thinking:


Good point; I’ve cut down from 20 sessions a day to 10.


Confused… who ever mentioned cancer ever on this thread other than you ?


Not sure why anyone would want to eat the same thing every day? Surely the common sense fairy tells you that variety is key to health? :fairy:


Monday night— Huel
Tuesday night— KFC
Wednesday night— McDonald’s
Thursday night— Burger King
Friday night— Pizza Hut
Saturday night— Indian
Sunday night— Chinese

No not really, 100% Huel for me :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


The common sense fairy told me that 100% Huel is better than the other option you posted.

Unfortunately we have an obesity crisis due to that. Fast food is too cheap, to easily obtainable and too nutritionally poor…yet so may people opt for it over a HEALTHY balanced diet which would be the optimum.


Thanks for all the info everyone. I think I’ve read everything I can, the huel is coming tomorrow and I’m going to give it a go 100% - at least until I lose some weight! Been thinking about doing this for a while, one reason is that I’ve tried so many times to go vegan and just not managed it, also tried to lose weight so many times before and not managed to keep it off! Maybe this is the answer…


I would ease in. Not go 100% straight off.


Yeah. And what I hate about the modern “app economy” trend is that they are making it easier (also exploiting workers here, great combo). We are constantly reminded by ads of how easy is to order a burger from your phone while sitting on your couch, not having even to walk a little to go out and get it. And what makes me mad is that I mean, it’s not that difficult to cook a normal plain meal, in our mediterranean diet. It might not be as healthy as other options, like 100% Huel, but at least is better then eating junk food every day.


Yeah, cos we all know that nobody manages to consume anything other than what is provided in prison :rofl::wink:


I’d totally be up for being confined to a beautiful desert island for a year, with plenty Huel, fresh clean water, sea, sand and a hammock.


Sign me up


I have a mate who is a prison officer…it is unbelievable the amount of stuff they find people trying to smuggle in, and even more surprising what actually gets in.


Yeah yeah, likely story @hunzas we all know your knowledge comes from first hand experience. What were you in for? :wink: