What is this?


Just had some mint choc out the fridge, very nice :yum:


Hi guys

The US have just had a version change in December and with that we’ve launched Berry and Chocolate. We get so many firsts in the EU, we wanted to give the US a first for once! The US doesn’t have Coffee, New Vanilla or Mint Choc. On taste trials, that Chocolate flavour system didn’t appeal so much on those who tried in the UK, but it did go down well in the US, so we’ve launched it. We are continuing to work on a UK/EU Chocolate.

The ‘27 essential vitamins and minerals’ includes choline in this statement. There is the same amount of choline in US and EU versions, but in the US it’s listed as an ‘essential’ micronutrient with a Daily Value (DV)*; in the EU it isn’t. Note choline can be synthesised in the body, but as the synthesis is inefficient, a dietary intake is advantageous. The US have this one right.

*DV is the US equivalent to our Nutrient Reference Values (NRVs)


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Ditto that!!!


Second the Chocolate Orange… Had a protein powder once that was almost like the blended real thing :crazy_face:


Hmm, I wonder how much of a pain in the butt it would be for my parents to bring me some chocolate from America when they come visit. I don’t like mint in my chocolate. I’m happy with vanilla and coffee sometimes but would love a proper chocolate. Sometimes I put dessert spoonful of Green & Black cocoa in there but it’s not the same. :yum: