What is this?

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Found this on Reddit - Is that preblend chocolate?!

Looks like the american scoop… maybe preblend chocolate is available in the USA?

I’ve just been on the Huel USA site and you can buy:

Chocolate - Rich and indulgent chocolate flavor

So yes, chocolate is alive over there.

I also noticed that both powder and RTD claim to have all 27 vits and mins whereas we have 26. I expected fluoride to be the anomaly as we campaigned for it to be excluded but I couldn’t see it on their ingredients either.

They were gonna put flouride in Huel??

They did. It came in with a new version from memory. This was one of many threads at the time but the most prominent.

It’s been taken out again now though right…?
I can’t see a need for it as there is an abundance of it in UK tap water and is also in all toothpastes and mouthwashes and there is already a lot of concern that we have too much flouride in our diets.

It was introduced in v2.0 and removed in v2.1 after significant resistance. UK made Huel is not just sold in the UK so there were some reasons for adding fluoride to accommodate other countries. But from what I understand fluoride is not intended to be ingested and won’t do much good for your teeth being present in Huel. Fluoride toothpaste and mouthwash is where it’s needed.

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Fluoride isnt as common in uk water as most people think. Only about 10% has fluoride. Where i live doesnt have fluoride for example.


Or even running water


Healthy dose of cholera tho.


No fair. UK wants chocolate prebend. Huff. :rage:

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Can we order from America and get free delivery…

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Would prefer chocolate preblend to mint-choc tbh.

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Nooooooo mint-choc is the best!

I want chocolate-orange FS more than I want chocolate premix.
Cacao powder makes such awesome chocolate Huel, I probably wouldnt bother with a chocolate premix.

I also want a black-forest FS please.
And Chocolate-Hazelnut (because I keep getting tempted to blend a whole jar of nutella into my Huel and then I will get very fat!)

Now don’t get greedy :grin:

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I just seem to like any combination that involves chocolate!
Chocolate Mint
Chocolate Orange
Chocolate Cherry
Chocolate Hazelnut
mmmmmmmmmmmm yum yum yum

You forgot chocolate peanut butter

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I am actually drinking huel plus powdered chocolate peanut butter right now!!!
Who recommended powdered peanut butter to me on here? I forget
Whoever you are, you are a genius

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Probably me!!


Chocolate orange sounds good :yum: