What should i eat?

I’m on Huel for quite a long time now. My daily routine is drinking 1 shoot huel at 11 pm go to work maybe there I eat 1 more or eat 1 2 sandwiches but i don’t really want to eat more simply because i don’t need it. Before this, I was almost 90 kg, now im 76. I train almost every day (bodyweight mostly sometimes running). I know I should eat more, much more but simply i don’t need it. in the old times, i ate everything, energy drinks+ muffins and all of this trash. Now i don’t even look at them. My sugar consumption is a fraction of what it was before, but still, I cannot grow in muscles. But drink huel 2 times a day is not enough, in theory, but simply my body doesn’t need more. I’m confused right now :slight_smile:

sry for my english

regards huel_4_everyone

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You need to increase your calorie intake if you want to grow muscles. Huel is good for that, so eat more Huel?


Simply put, you need to eat more.
Your body uses varying amounts of energy each day depending on how active you are.
If you don’t eat enough (energy in) to what you’re expending (energy out) then you’re going to lose weight.
If it’s the same, you’ll maintain your weight. And if energy in is in excess, you’ll gain weight.

If your weight hasn’t really changed much recently, then you’re roughly eating at maintainance so increasing your intake by about 500 calories per day will put you at about 1lb weight gain per week. You can of course start lower at ~250 if you don’t want to gain that quickly.

Obviously you don’t want to make up the extra food with rubbish, so like above said, either more Huel, or something like raw nuts, salmon, tinned mackerel where you’re getting good fats and protein.


Yeap the Hueligans are on the money here.

You’re going to have to eat more. Protein is also important so aim for at least 1.8g of protein per kg of body weight.

We have some more information here.

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

In addition to what has been said already if you’re aim is to become more muscular you need to train for it, putting some kind of progressive strain on your muscles that overloads them either mechanically or metabolically. This is possible to do with bodyweight but probably easier with some resistance training.

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