Why huel could be not recommended for children?

Hello! You write on the package “Children … should consult their doctor before consuming Huel”. Why Huel could be not suitable for children? Of which age?
It is clear there is no research about this, but which parts of Huel are basically not intended for?

Regards, Mike

@Mike great question.

Huel is aim is provided at 100% of the EU’s and UK’s "Daily Recommended Amount’.

These recommended amounts are for Adults, children need different amount of vitamins and minerals. Not only do they need different amounts than adults but they need different amounts at different ages, e.g. a 6 year old would need different amounts then say a 13 year old.

This maybe something we tackle in the future becuase we understand that children’s diet is really important and they are often fussy eater and there miss out on vital nutrients but at the moment it’s not on our roadmap.

Most children will probably like sweet fruity flavours.

Is this the only reason, or there are some ingredients not suitable for children say >5 jears old?

Huel should not be consumed by children under 5 years old.

Although there is no reason why children over 5 could not consume Huel, they should certainly not be relying totally on Huel as the nutritional requirments are based on those of adults. I wouldn also recommend parents of children over 5 years old consult their doctor before giving their child Huel.

There are no ingredients that are unsuitable for children over 5 years old.

Let me know if you need any other advise on this issue.

I’m thinking of letting my teenage son try it for breakfast. He would like the flavour I know, just might find myself running out of it quickly!