Why is gluten free version of Huel Powder 3.0 only available through EU site and not UK?

I want the carbohydrates so therefore do not want Huel Black instead.

Hi @Busyboi Gluten free is available through UK site. Are you ordering from UK?

I am ordering from the UK and I cannot see any option for gluten free Huel Powder 3.0 that I can see on the EU store. The only gluten free option is Huel black which I don’t want as I need the extra carbs provided in Huel 3.0

Still looks available to me:

I also see the huel gluten free on Uk site

Click on white huel powders from products page. The first product on huel white is Regular and leads to choosing flavours. The second product down the page is Gluten Free, the third product is Professional.

Thanks guys sorted now