WTF Huel video on YouTube

WTF is that?!?

Psh. The Internet is full of trolls. Huel has been life changing for me, but it’s up to everyone to make up their own minds. I love the stuff.


For me too.
This video is not even a troll, nor malicious, nor unkind. It’s only nonsense, rubbish. This guy must be mad…

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Same phrase I’d use, and not lightly :slight_smile:

Sounds like someone from Informed-Sports to me :slight_smile:

They are exercising their freedom of speech. Good for them. They also clearly have too much time on their hands.

It appears some individuals confuse the right to free speech with the right to be a dumbass.

I’m not even sure what their point is. In fact I have no idea.

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