10 unopened vanilla 3.0 bags for sell

Hi all,

I’ve amassed more Huel than I can actually finish before it expires and would like to sell the extra bags. They are all vanilla flavour, version 3.0 and are unopened.

I am based in London. The bags with expiration dates are as follows:

5 bags (06/21)
5 bags (07/21)

I am open to offers and will send via post.

I suppose you could return them to Huel for other products? Thus kind of extending the shelf life…

I can? I had assumed that I would need to exchange within 30 days of purchase which I am no longer in.

If you could please send an email over to team@huel.com we can look into options to see what we can do for you so that they don’t go to waste if you’re unable to sell them :slightly_smiling_face: