100% Huel question

I want to use huel for every meal the next month to save costs. Is it bad for your teeth? I have a xylitol gum with it. From Chewsy. Is all natural. Im using huel like 1 once a day now. I heard your teeth can fall out. Oh and also what can i do with my stomach acid attack after drinking huel

Huel is real food, it just happens to be liquid, so if you have acid after a meal, try an antacid as you would do normally. There’s no problem with teeth: they don’t suddenly sulk just because they’re being used less. All I’d say is to brush them well - I have false teeth (years of neglect because of being phobic about dentistry) and have noticed that if you have Huel a little on the thick side it can linger in crevices…

I lived off Huel for 12 months while going to the gym almost every day. Never felt better.


Used Huel since 2015, often with very long periods on 100%. Never had an issue with any aspect of my health related to Huel.

I have medically diagnosed GERD. I’ve hardly had to touch my meds since using Huel for breakfast (note, that’s all I’ve replaced). No idea if that’s coincidence or not, but no doubt having at least one meal a day that’s totally inoffensive to my stomach helps.

As for teeth, maintain good oral hygiene as you should be already. No idea where you’re hearing these rumours about Xylitol/Huel making your teeth fall out. That’s why they put it in chewing gum.

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