100% huel trial

How do I start on a 100% huel trial

This advice usually works - 5-7 days at 1 meal per day, then 5-7 meals at 2 meals, then 5-7 days at 3 meals, then go 100% if you are aiming for 100%. But of course everyone is different.

Is it better to be having a few small meals a day
Or just your standard 3 meals?

Have a look at the trail here:

It’s got a ‘meal plan’ used by each subject.

I wake up at 8, and then have 2 scoops at 9:00, 10:30, 12:30, then one or two more 2-scoop meals during the afternoon if I feel I need it. I then have ‘normal’ food in the evening.


Personal preference.

I prefer to treat it like it is, regular food. So I have three meals a day (667 kcal/each).

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Omg if I at that much I’d weight about 12 stone in a month :laughing::laughing:
I have two small children so prefer to eat a meal with them at night