A complaint

On two different threads I have shared some ideas on how this can be accomplished, I recommend you to check them out.
However I never suggested a loaf, you did mockingly therefore I went along with it.
The product development is something for the Huel team. Also you do not buy a cup of rice but a whole bag in differing sizes.
It is just meant as an analogy, you can look up an article on what that is.

You put the anal in analogy.


Going back to the example of sugar, I think if they could create a solid version of the product without a 15x increase in the amount of sugar required they would have done so already with the bar currently on sale which is one of the core products.

Thanks for your recommendation but I’ll pass on wasting the rest of my evening reading your inflated waffly posts just to conclude that a) there are already 2 ranges of solid Huel products and b) large format loaf style bars or kibble sized pieces don’t change the reality of what has to happen to create a solid version of the powder so whether a loaf or a small teddy bear shaped size the nutritional profile of it would not lend itself to be consumed on a 2000kcal basis.


Just to add, there did used to be a Huel granola cereal but it was discontinued due to poor sales.

I like to request a member of the Huel team with adequate experience and expertise to answer my queries.

Thank you very much

Could you not just, you know, buy some Oreo’s?

‘Base Bread’, only available in Japan though.

I swear, this dude is trolling. I can’t see anything more. Just stop feeding him and he’ll go somewhere else…


Hey, I presume you mean me. Tim’s much politer, and I have COVID, so I’ve been in better moods.

You don’t want a long reply from me, Tim has far and above the experience and expertise to answer your questions, as he has done. Tim and I talk outside of the forum and I step in when needed, I wasn’t needed here. I’d recommend apologising to him.

I’ve read through all 50 posts, there is nothing positive being contributed to the forum now. Please have a reread of the posts above before commenting again because if this continues we’ll lock the thread.


False. One thread is a product suggestion thread in which people can post product suggestions and which has happened. People have suggested their wants and that is what the thread is intented for.
The second thread is a complaint thread in which people can voice their complaints about Huel.
So, not the same.

Therefore I find it abuse of power, despotic and tyrannical to use your power in such a manner without having a clear understanding and this seems to be a manner in which Huel is trying to smother voices critical of their brand and do not accept everything for face value.

Yes, but to be frank you quite often misunderstood and did not read my messages properly, nor provided me with a proper and thorough answering as to why and at a few points seem(ed) keen to rather argue than answer. I will not go into the details of those in this post however if you like I can send a few examples.

Well it is not rude to ask for a Huel employee that has adequate experience and knowledge regarding this topic to answer my queries.
I do not wish to have someone that is not an employee respond to my queries as their answers do not hold any legitimacy as to why Huel did something nor explaining things only Huel could know of unless disclosed but looking at how I was often mocked and made fun and how people seemed to enjoy grouping up one a single person the best to do would be to single out a single person that has the adequate knowledge and experience regarding this to engage with.
And not engage with ill-mannered people and those taken by ill-speech


And there seems to be a misunderstanding when I referred to someone with adequate experience and someone that works in this field I meant a huel employee and not commonfolk, especially those that lack the proper manners.
So I never made remarks about you

Same point here, this is defensive behavior and jumping to the gun on assumptions and accusing me of things and eager to debate. Is it that wrong to ask for an employee and not commonfolk who make jakes about drugs and backpassages and try to find every opportunity possible to agitate someone?

Again, another answer which is not properly answered. You are keen to go in lengths and jump to the gun on off-topic points however when it comes to actual queries that have weight you provide us with such a meager answer.
A proper answer would be rightful.

Not the same question, I was asking about future plans not current ones.

I would greatly appreciate it if you were polite as well and did make assumptions and accused me of things of which I am innocent and take the time to provide me with a proper answer and not one word answers, and not be hypocritical and censur, carefully read I did not mention censor, those that engage in mockery and ill-speech.

The forum is the right place and this is exactly what I meant Huel is actively trying to censor this forum and refer those that are critical to the backdoor entrance where no one will be able to see their answer and they will not feel the same inclination to provide a proper answer.
Indeed, it is a forum in which people can ask employees for a proper and adequate response and have this information visible to the greater public.

Exactly the same thing. Refer them to the backdoor in order that their faults and negative points remain hidden and that it does not create public dissatisfaction.

On the contratory, an apology from Huel would be appropriate here and again the same dictatorish behavior of a company that censors voices that they do not like, provides lacking answers, seems keen on debating and jumping the gun on assumptions. And never censur those that were vulgar and grouped on someone.
You do not treat your customers in this way and have the audacity to request for an apology is insane.

Douglas, I am sorry you haven’t got the answers you want. I honestly have no idea what you want me to answer (or someone else to answer, who has more “adequate experience”).

  1. You have asked if we are working towards a “bulk variant of the bars” and either the same, or different product to “bring down the price to match the powder” - the answer is unequivocally no we are not.

By telling you that answer I am not going to great lengths to jump the gun or go off-topic - that is the answer. There is nothing to add. No further detail to give you. That is the proper answer whether it disappoints you or not.

This is pedantic. We are not working on, or have plans to work on a “bulk variant of the bars” or any other analogy this might refer.

The forum is good place to ask the question. It is not a good place to request “commonfolk” to not reply so that you can have a direct report with a member of the Huel team (however underqualified they might be to answer your questions). The way to do this is to utilise the various contact information I have provided.

Please refer to the rules of the forum. Specifically under the ‘Keep It Tidy’ section for the reasoning for locking and merging previous posts.

Keeping the forum tidy is not tyrannical. You may disagree with the rules but those are the rules of the forum to make this a good place for everyone. Please follow them.


As a common folk I’d like to finish with: you put the dick in dictator.

Now go troll elsewhere.


You have not answered any relevant points in my text to Huel.
Since you do not like long posts I will make sure to keep the questions concise.
And again, I never made those allegations against you and I do understand that anyone can post.
However I believe that this needs to addressed publicly as brands often will go out of their way to avoid bad public image and improve once they are called out publicly.
Now having said that let’s focus on the actual important questions.

  1. Can you explain to me how, as you apparently claim, there is no demand for real non-liquid staple food that is economically priced at the same price as the powder 3.0 and the BE but apparently there is enough demand for an highly overpriced 3x more expensive €210,- vs ~€600,-

All I can think of is that Huel is just trying to rip off their customers and some people on here seem to be keen of that as they blindly protect everything zealously without much criticism.
There has heen Huel muesli in the past but it would make more sense to create something like a bulk package of the bars at the same price of the powders it would also prevent environmental impact as a single bar of 200 kcal, has very low calories and therefore manufacturing lots of these creates waste.
Just like how Huel is not changing their environmentally unfriendly packaging. Until they are forced to do so by law, 2025, and other brands were able to achieve this at this point already seems slacking especially with the branding image Huel has created for itself seems hypocritical.

Totally and completely unrelated but can I request popcorn flavour Huel? I just feel like that could be good right about now. :popcorn: :face_with_peeking_eye:


You have already been given answers from Huel staff and us commonfolk you just don’t want to hear them.

He certainly puts the cant in cantankerous.

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Ok, maybe we can engage in a fruitful conversation. I just did not feel inclined to then because of the mockery and ill-speech used.
And I felt that Huel employees would have more insight knowledge as to what they are working on.

I personally do not see the appeal in an all liquid diet. There is some appeal in liquid food depending on the food. A fruit-smoothie is delicious because of the sugars and one of the few liquids I like.

But who would want to eat liquid rice, salad, fish.

What can be a good idea is to make huel not a smooth liquid type. But develop a more thicker substance with nice flavours like gravy or desert like the new oreos.

Generally I cannot see Huel converting large masses of people with only overpriced liquids, exorbitantly overpiced 200 kcal bars and H&S.

There is still a lot of work to be done for the company but I believe that it is going into the good direction.
Maybe this is something for when Huel has become a really large company but I want to keep supporting them atm.

Anyways I am super excited for the oreos flavour I really hope it comes to black edition

You must live in an alternative reality my friend because the sales figures and the rocket growth of Huel in the last 5 years says otherwise. Go have a look at the fastest growing companies in the UK in the last 5 years.

You also ask questions disconnected from reality. You say they should make a solid but priced the same as the powder ignoring all of the costs and challenges in converting one format to another. The bar formula has 15x more sugar than the powder formula. Go have a look at how much sugar you would be consuming if you consumed 2000kcal’s worth of bar.

I also never “mocked” you. I said you wanted a brick sized Huel bar which you have now eventually agreed that you do, and that the idea is ridiculous, which it is. Just because someone has the opposite opinion to you doesn’t mean you are being mocked.


Most of humanity would not want to live on a liquid diet.

Who is saying it’s a 100% liquid diet? I have a shake for breakfast and one before the gym and solid food for the rest.

Nothing to do with the convenience of being able to get nutrionally complete food quick and easy without cooking, prepartion and minimal washing up?