Huel, you're missing a marketing hit -> Braces! :)

Long term Huel user here. At the nice adult age of … old I decided to get (dental) braces. For anyone with experience I think it’s fair to say that the first few days aren’t particularly comfortable and so most forums will recommend the consumption of soft foods, such as “milkshakes and smoothies”. Even the /r/braces (reddit that is) has those generic suggestions, which I think is a poor idea.
Huel does an obviously much better job at helping to survive the first few days for reasons obvious yet there seems to be no marketing around this. Maybe have a think? :slight_smile:

Same but different, I had surgery at the end of last year that meant I couldn’t chew or have solid food for 8 weeks - so Huel was a big bonus in managing that.

I think the issue is how you market and word those benefits without seeming to make any medically beneficial claims - which would drop you in lots of hot water.

No need to make claims per se. Just say that since there is no need for chewing it helps survive the sensitive period of time and it’s more nutritionally complete than say a milkshake (?) – I think that’d be safe. They must have lawyers that can come up w/ something valid :slight_smile:

yeah the issue is not making a claim but not being seen or perceived to make a claim - it literally is a minefield - especially when Karen asks to speak to your supervisor…

this for example probably would be challenged because you’re making a definitive statement/claim - which may or may not be true. So you would have to say something like It may help you in meeting your daily nutritional needs during periods of recuperation etc etc

Not disagreeing with what you write, but…isn’t that generally true for products like Huel though (the “it may/may not help meeting one’s nutritional needs”) regardless of one having particular medical issues? I also acknowledge the reality of medical circumstances making any product claims more of a minefield.

There could always be the small print of “talk to your dentist/ortho specialist” etc etc.

yes and no I guess - you could say that it does help you meet your daily nutritional needs if you are making the assumption the customer has no impairment that would stop them doing it. The may bit would come in where there may be some kind of impairment relating to medical condition or injury.

but you are right - im sure someone could make a fairly generic but not open to interpretation copy about its benefits in these kind of scenarios.

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Yeah, I came off my bike and had stitches in my lip. Huel was a lifesaver.

Perhaps market it to people who can’t mind their own business or are rude and ignorant?

Huel probably doesn’t want to become called “that food that’s eaten by people who can’t chew”, so they likely don’t want to market themselves as suitable for those people.

Hey Viktor, great idea!

Lots of people have Huel for this reason or another, for example jaw surgery. It’s a relatively niche market so I don’t think it’s something we would specifically market towards, in the same way you don’t see marshmallows advertised for people who have trouble chewing!

We work with dietitians and other health professionals to advise when Huel can fill a need, so I think that this fits into that category.

Noted and it makes sense (too niche) – oh well, the product/situation works for me, I’m happy :slight_smile: