Lack of chewing a concern?

I just had a question about chewing. I don’t current use huel but might give it a try in the near future.

If you were to be on huel full time, this would mean that you never chew your food any more. Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought chewing was essential to digestion and jaw health due to exercising it from chewing. Do you recommend chewing between sips to aid this? Like I don’t know the long term effects of not chewing food, but surely it can’t be good?

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@pjau86 That’s a very good question actually. It’s quite possible that if all humans only consumed meal replacement drinks then we might evolve over time to have weak jaw muscles or brittle teeth. But it’s also possible that talking exercises our jaws enough.

As for the chewing of food being important to digestion, it is true that an enzyme in saliva helps break down carbohydrate. But Huel is so easy on the digestive system I don’t believe this is a concern. My digestion feels a lot better when I consume Huel. Far less gas.

Most people don’t chew their food enough anyway. Also, I think the rubbish that many people put into their mouths causes far more damage to people than the lack of chewing with Huel. It actually amuses me how some people react to the idea of a meal drink, like it might harm us. Oh yeah, chicken nuggets and burgers, no problem, but a nutritionally complete meal drink? No way!

It’s okay, I’m not having a go at you. It just got me thinking about that kind of reaction, that’s all :sunglasses:


If this is a concern, you could chew gum regularly as well perhaps?


With long term enteraly tube fed patients this has not been an issue. There are 1000s of patients currently being fed long term, some life-long. There have been no issues with lack of chewing.


You can make biscuits, pancakes or use sugar free gum


Thanks guys you have put my mind at ease!