Unforeseen disadvantage of eating primarily Huel

Hey guys,

So I’ve been living primarily off of Huel for the better part of 6 months and I’ve discovered something I haven’t seen mentioned before in here.

My jaw muscles have become really weak!
I had myself two veggie burgers on wholewheat bread yesterday and I could feel jaw fatigue before I had finished the second one. 2 weeks ago I experienced the same eating some garlic bread, but I brushed it off as a one time thing, but now I can clearly feel that my jaw muscles have become noticeable weaker.

Just a heads up to anyone out there thinking of doing this full time(or close to it), get a jaw exerciser or at least add some “chewy” dishes once in a while.

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Meh, I’m a professional champion boxer, I’ve got a strong chin

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‘get a jaw exerciser’… perfect advice for Valentine’s Day. :lips:


I haven’t seen this come up before, can I ask how often you have Huel each day? and what product range? It’s also important to know what else you tend to consume, as even talking can help to ensure your jaw muscles stay strong too!

It could be helpful to have something like gum during the day if you want to do a bit more chewing.

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I’ve eaten Huel from the hot and savory line for 2-3 meals per day.
I also often have 1-2 granola bars, and a piece of fruit.
I work from home, so sometimes I talk for hours a day and sometimes I don’t do any talking during the day.

Yeah, that was what I was getting at, I need something for exercise the jaw during the day :slight_smile:

Do you regularly chew gum?
Personally, I chew “Falim” gum two to three times a day. It’s a very firm gum that I hope will help me train my jaw muscles. Maybe you could try it too if this type of gum is available in your country.


Hey, no I’ve never really been a fan of gum, but now I am considering it. Just implemented jaw exercises in my daily routine :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, gum is always possible. It just should be without aspartam, ideally xylitol based as this also works against bacteria.
And you shouldn’ t have a too severe Temporomandibular joint dysfunction. Had massive problems with it, but I like activated carbon xylitol gum,as it works a bit against tooth staining. And - at least I hope so - it might bind toxins…although it is also said to neutralize micronutrients, at least in too large amounts.

At least now you know you don’t press your teeth at night, or your muscles wouldn’t be weak.
That’s good news, believe me. :grinning:

Teeth grinding is a problem, your’re right. Causing thight muscles and in the long term temporomandibular joint disfunction and then chewing really hurts or is no longer possible. Fortunately there are potential solutions for that - like Huel. If you look at it objectively you don’t have to chew, just get enough micro-and macronutrients.
Some may worry that the lack of chewing leads to being hungry all the time, or more urge to “eat”.
I would say this is not the case.

What is your opinion about this?