100% to 33%

I love huel, it gives me loads of energy and i’ve been 100% for a month but I miss food and chewing so I think i’m going to reduce the amount I consume and use it as a breakfast replacement shake or an energy boost when playing sport.

I must say though, it’s been a great experience so far, I have lost a lot of weight but you can’t beat a good old fashioned meal.

Chinese tonight :wink:

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I keep thinking about doing a Huel only month…

Same here… i have felt that at the morning, if eat Huel, when I got to the office, my muscles mouth arent warm and is more difficult to speak in the first hours. When eating bread with olive oil, my muscles are ready to speak perfectly

Is weird. Have anyone experienced this?

Have you tried ventriloquism?


Mate, I’d go to a doctor, that’s not normal…


Its because when drinking Huel you dont exercise the mouth muscles, and after a night and a morning without saying a word, when you get to the office you feel the muscles tighter

In that case … My wife must have the strongest jaws in the world😂