New to Huel and hello to all!

Hi everyone.

Just firstly wanted to say thank you and hello to all that use the Huel forum everyone is so friendly, helpful and funny! I’ve learnt a lot from reading through different posts.

Today is Day 2 for me, Im using Huel for breakfast and lunch at the moment (I used to have slim fast shakes (booo) at work so im used to liquid lunches. Initial thoughts are firstly fantastic service from Huel absolutely 10/10. The product itself is absolutely fine, im not a fan of the smell…I think it smells like pumpkin pulp lol maybe just me but other half in agreement!

After drinking Huel my mouth was so dry it was unreal, I usually polish off around 3 litres of water (if not more) daily but no matter how much I drank my mouth felt really really dry. I felt a little hungry during the morning at work but guzzled down water and had a coffee to supress.
My second serving was around 2pm, topped up my carpet tongue nicely but down it went.
Went to the gym after work and had a 500 calorie meal at home and a protein yoghurt.

Before bed I whizzed up the following days Huel in a processor and left it in the fridge overnight. Taste had changed for the better but that Pumpkin pulp smell remained :nauseated_face: I have a thing about sweet and savoury being mixed, its a no no for me, so to smell savoury yet taste sweet confuzzles my wee brain - I can live with it though.

This morning when I was walking to work I had a full on bounce in my step and felt great - still do now! Looking forward to continuing on with it, thinking about doing a couple of 100% days over the weekend as I have the house to myself and a serious Red Dead Redemption session to be getting stuck into.

Hope all have had a great day :wink:

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Yum, I love the idea of that. I have a big pumpkin (not a euphemism) ready to be whizzed up into various things in a few days…including spicy pumpkin and huel soup…

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:joy: :joy: :joy:

I am pro pumpkin I promise…but the smell of the pulpy seedy gunky insides is not cool

Hunza’s … do you enjoy Pumpkin Chunkin ??
I have a vision in my mind !!! LOL

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Welcome from another newbie :wave:

I’ve been feeling more awake in the mornings after a few days of Huel, too. I also find I have energy later in the evening. This may be down to the oats in Huel being low GI; before Huel a lot of my daily calories would come from higher GI foods.

I don’t get the pumpkin smell at all, though :laughing:


Love your profile picture :heart_eyes: piglets are too cute


Mine has great propulsion. Must be the wind.


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Oh man! I WILL find another Hueler that thinks it smells of pumpkin :joy:

What meals are you using Huel for out of interest?

Happy to read that you too feel good and energised!

I haven’t tried pumpkin so can’t help you there :grin:
So far, I have been replacing two meals with Huel, breakfast (Granola) and lunch (shake). Last night I decided to replace dinner too as I couldn’t be bothered cooking and might do the same tonight. I, too, feel great on Huel and really enjoy the taste.

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2 meals a day … either breakfast and lunch
Breakfast and dinner

This is dependent whist shifts I work …
Sometimes I replace all 3 meals per day !

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I’m Hueling 2-3 times per day, usually breakfast and then lunch or dinner, and then possibly another meal later in the evening.

The amount of Huel I use each time is ~100g (to suit my personal taste/texture preferences), which isn’t quite enough to replace the main meal of the day. So when replacing dinner with Huel I will either have a larger lunch, or have 2 Huels later (early/late evening).

I hope you carry on having that bounce in your step!

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What flavour are you using??

I’m using original vanilla, I know I sound like a loon :joy: but in the bag it smells of vanilla, second it’s mixed then I get pumpkin pulp…?

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