A Lazy boy's guide to healthy eating, month 6

(This is the fifth in an ongoing series of monthly posts. Month 1. Month 2. Month 3. Month 4.)

Welcome to a lazy boy’s guide to health eating, month… ummm, 6. “Hang on, part 5 is month 6? Where’s month 5?” There’s no month 5. I’m sorry. I mean, look, I could tell you that it’s because not too much happened, or because I was ill, or because I was busy, and all those things have a grain of truth, but the big factor, right, the big main contributing factor here is that I’m, like, lazy. Clue’s in the title, 'innit.

OK, last time I teased an award’s ceremony. This has nothing to do with Huel but, dammit, I was excited and wanted to discuss it. My workplace has an this thing a couple of times a year where people can nominate other people for being jolly good at their jobs, and you go up and they talk about you a bit and get a certificate and a bonus and eat cakes and things, and I got to do that thing! It was rather lovely, and nice to be appreciated. Ooh, hang on, I do have a tenuous link to Huel here, actually; part of this is having your photo taken for the work intranet site, and while I’m not one to worry too much about how I look, it was nice to be there and in a photo and look a bit slimmer than I have done in previous years.

My weight’s kind settling down now at about 6kg lost. It’s just… look, on Monday’s may mate comes round and we watch sci-fi and eat takeaway, Tuesday’s I’m at my partner’s and we eat takeaway, Wednesday is RPG night and we have takeaway, then Friday and the weekend I’m with my partner again and takeaways happen. I only really have two nights a week that I eat normal food in. Huel is doing me all kinds of good, but it’s not magic, y’know? Here’s the thing though; my body shape is still changing. My tummy is getting flatter, I’m much more happy with my shape than I was a couple of months ago; I can actually see the change now. I think I just need to get a bit more disciplined with how I eat in the evenings, and things should keep moving again. We’ll see!

Oooh, I should give you the latest chart. So here; have it!


You’ll notice not as many measurements recorded recently, but… let me put it this way. Gimme an L! Gimme an A! Gimme a Z! Gimme ahhh, can’t be bothered to finish that.

See the problem?

Laziness has really been the theme of the last two months. For example: I mentioned early on that getting a Blender is a great idea, and you should do it, and it makes Huel much better. I stand by that, especially if you’re adding stuff to your mix. But the last couple of months, I haven’t really been doing that, I’m back on the shake pots. Partly it’s because of how many nights a week now I’m busy in the evenings… on Wednesdays in particular, by the time I’m home it’s really late, who wants to be messing about blending? So; I’m just making them at work again. My technique is better now, I have a better eye for the right amount of water and such, so on the days I can’t be bothered, which is most of them, it’s about as easy.

I’ve also been loosening my schedule. Rather than a rigid “one shake when I get to work, a second for lunch”, I’m just going for “when I’m hungry, I eat”. If that’s only one shake a day, which it has been quite a bit, so be it! A schedule can be good if you have trouble with eating far too much or too little, but if you’re mostly where you should be, I feel like you can trust your body to tell you what you need. Hang on, while we’re here, let me going through the standard statements I always make about here; still tastes nice, not snacking, really working for me, etc etc.

Actually, I do have a bit more to add here. With trying this for so long now, I’m starting to see some genuine tangible benefits, aside from just the weight loss. One main things that’s become really apparent the last couple of weeks; I’m sleeping, and waking, much better. Classically, by this time of the year, I’m making the most of flexible working hours by rocking up at 10am each day, because I’ve been struggling to yank myself out of bed on these dark mornings. This year? I’m still beating my alarm every morning, been getting in before 8am regular. That is unheard of for me, as is my last bad cold not resulting in me being stuck in bed for a week. The main reason I started on Huel was nutrients; I wasn’t getting enough. I am now, and at this point, the difference in my general health is pronounced.

Oooh, remember how I said a friend had been trying Huel but wasn’t sure about it? Well, as of last time I asked, they were still going strong! I still have a couple of people who keep meaning to give it a try, so I should probably get on that sometime soon. Also; maybe a bit more exercise. I mean, I know that’s counter to my whole lazy ethos, but I think

Right, that’s another, umm, two months done! A half year on Huel! I… may be done with these posts, I’m not sure. I think, if I do continue, some changes may be in order. Keeping to a monthly schedule isn’t a good fit anymore; Huel isn’t new to me any more, so I don’t necessarily have new things to say about the day-to-day experience of trying it. I reckon smaller posts when they’re relevant may be better? With that, I think I may switch from the post titles being based on the month, to just the number, so the next one will be “A lazy boy’s guide to healthy eating, post 6”. It also mean, no more “Next time’s” at the end of the posts, because who knows what will have happened by next time?

For those who have been here for what will henceforth be called the Classic Era; thank you for your time, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. And for those who took the time to tell me you have, double thanks! Like, Tthhaannkkss! See you round!


Even if you don’t do regular bulletins, hope to see you here and there in the forum :slightly_smiling_face: I really have been enjoying your posts! Thanks!