A Paramedics Huel Review (Gluten Free Vanilla)

Hi all,

So around ten days ago I was reasonably new to this whole Huelling thing, and had subscribed for updates - pestering poor @TimOfficeHuel regularly for updates on Gluten Free Huel.

Then it came, and I told Tim I’d order on payday the following day… I ordered within minutes of emailing Tim back, and laughed to myself thinking ah what do I have to lose?!

It felt like a reasonable investment, given how much positivity there is on the forum. The company has a somewhat likeability around it, and as a start up business I’ve got to say I’m proud to support it.

Anyway, onto the Huelling…

I ordered the gluten free vanilla Huel, £50 worth.

It arrived with haste, the next day if I recall correctly. It was packed well, with my promised shaker and Huel T shirt - side note - Tim emailed to confirm my size (thanks Tim!).

I didn’t start Huelling right away, I was almost reluctant to use the product… Yes it’s labeled gluten free… But what if I didn’t like it? What if I didn’t enjoy it? I was quite worried that after all the time I’d been reading positive reviews, what if I was the one person who really couldn’t stand the taste?! Luckily my concerns about the manufacture of gluten free Huel were eased by a comprehensive lab report detailing less than 5ppm (parts per million - very very very very small) in the product. Coeliac UK consider less than 20ppm ‘gluten free’ so very well done Huel!

I eventually decided to stop being such a fool, and poured myself a Huel. Mixture of two scoops and fresh water, as advocated by Julian et al.

The taste was almost smooth, with a slight ‘gritty’ texture. It was quite pleasant in all honesty! I’d like to say I was pleasantly surprised, but I wasn’t surprised in the slightest - this is a product that had gold grounding, solid nutritional work, and intense research into consumer feedback. All of this ensured the taste of the product for me was just right, slightly sweet and possibly too sweet for some… But I enjoyed it! It’s really easy to prepare. I’ve taken it out with me on shifts, I’ve drank some before a cardiac arrest and completed the call before consuming the rest after debriefing with my colleagues. It literally is fuelling my work.

Since my first experience, I’ve had slightly irregular bowel habits. Stop reading here if you don’t like the toilet discussion…

I began by having frequent solid motions, quite a lot of wind. The minor inconvenience of now having a motion 4-5 times a day was comical if anything! As a shift working paramedic, I’ve definitely overcome my phobia of using different toilets… I genuinely used to feel totally uneasy about using any toilet that wasn’t my own. Try twinning that irrational fear with Coeliac disease… It used to be a victory every time I left the house!!

I began to use 3 scoops per day for the first 3-4 days. Originally the first was with water on the evening of the product arriving, and then I used it with milk as a breakfast option. Very very handy!

The bowel motions steadied out, and became 2-3 a day. And now after adding in 4+4 scoops per day (breakfast and lunch) I’m down to 2 motions per day, textbook consistency with minimal odour.

Speaking of Odour - first few days I could possibly have lit my flatulence with a match and ignited a decent flame.

It’s worth noting I regularly use a Probiotic supplement (optibac daily) for my coeliac disease. And I live a completely gluten free life.

Ultimately, I’m planning on staying for the long term. My Huel is my breakfast and lunch. And my evening meal is either a treat (occasional GF pizza) or a healthy chicken, veg, and rice combination.

Thank you everyone at Huel. I hope this review serves as a thanks for your hard work into making gluten free Huel happen. I’ve had two friends sign up since. One for GF and one for non-gf Huel. I’ll continue to sing your praises and spam your Instagram with photos.

Kind regards,

A Happy (Gluten free) Hueller.


Two Huels today kept me flying! Thanks again guys.


Awesome pic! It seems like your hogging all the good weather there, up north has being doing rain and hail this week…

Thanks for the detailed review :slight_smile:

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Great to hear the awesome feedback, really really appreciate you taking the time to get back to us and to even sing our praises. We love it when our Huelers get in touch to tell us about their experience and when it is as positive as yours then we are all the better for it!

Your bowel movements sounded like they started quite irregular and this does happen to some Huelers when they first start. Making a significant change in your diet always brings about some sort of implications. We would have expected it to settle down and great to hear it has.

Thank you for the awesome pictures too. If next time you find yourself in the helicopter your Huel shaker just happens to be in your hand, then I would love to repost it. We have a Huelers page too and you would be a great person to add to it :smiley: Edit If you don’t mind, I’d love to take a snippet of this and add it to our Customer Testimonials page too if that is OK with you?

Thanks again and keep Hueling!


Welcome to use my words wherever you wish Tim.

Thanks again!

Also - I’ll next be on the helicopter in 5-6months time, due to other responsibilities and requirements of my senior paramedic role (unfortunately). But I’ll be sure to get a few snaps!!

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So, I’ve been a bit quiet on the Huel front - I managed to stretch my supply out to 2017 but haven’t used any since running out, unfortunately.

I guess I used Huel to gain weight and assist with shift work, and I’m now a healthy weight with minimal side effects of my coeliac disease. So in essence, Huel did its job for me and allowed me the time for gut healing and shiftwork meal coverage.

But there’s more… Whilst I’m no longer a shift worker (now more community based as a Trainee Advanced Practitioner) I still find myself wanting to reintroduce Huel, even if this is just a breakfast option. I study 2 days per week at University and work 3 days per week with our commissioners, community teams and general practice colleagues.

My life is now just as busy as it was when working shifts! I’m finding it difficult to fit work, eating, and running into one day. So, expect a Huel order soon!

It’s great to see Huel going from strength to strength as well as familiar faces here on the forum.

Best wishes,

Kieran (An original hueller!)


It’s happened. I’m drinking Gluten free U/U with a chocolate mint flavour system and its so good to be back!