Does anyone want to swap normal Huel for gluten free?

Back in the beginning of my Huel adventure, when I was young and living on the edge of the acceptable consumption levels for my gut bacteria, I ordered willy nilly 5 x 1.7kg bags of Vanilla flavoured (v1.2) Huel. Now, at the time of ordering this I knew I was gluten intolerant, but I ordered this small garden wheelbarrow-sized wad of standard Huel because, for one crazy second, my brain told me you’re cured Craig. Go for it.

Well, my brain is a dickhead.

Now I have these 5 x bags of normal Huel that my surviving three gut bacteria can’t handle - so…does anyone want to swap my 5 bags of standard Vanilla Huel, for some bags of Gluten Free Huel?

I’ve no idea who would do this; I’ve tried to think about it, but the layers are so complicated, my ears smoke and I just see this large field of eternal grey. So I’ve decided not to think about it, and just ask.



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Theres no harm in asking! If we don’t ask we don’t receive :wink:
best of luck with the request & you never know someone may be thinking similar thoughts with the GF variant?

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I’m sure someone is more likely to buy it from you… perhaps someone who preferred v1.2? give them bit of a discount and I’m sure you’ll offload it.

(Sounds like I’m offering and asking for a discount, I didn’t mean me despite how it sounds…)

Hmm…Good point!

5 bags of Huel v1.2 for sale. Unopened etc. Drop me a message/reply to this thread if you want them.

£80. (4 bags usually £85. This is 5 bags for £80).


Hello Craig,

I sent you a private message.


Just responded, thank you.

you could have made a profit for v1.2

haha. Maybe, but I’m not so fussed about making a profit. Haven’t sold it yet, so it’s still available. Think I read there was somebody on here who couldn’t have v2.0 because of medial reasons, so would happily sell to that person for a bit of a loss.