Buying 1 bag of gluten free v.3


I’d like to give Huel another try with the with v.3 being out; the previous version did not work for me but I don’t wanna buy 2 bags.

Is anyone selling a bag of gluten free v.3 ? The package will have to be sent to France.



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We have an unopened bag of GF V3.0. We are in Germany - I can look into the shipping costs if you’re interested in it.


Sorry I’ve been long to answer but I actually am moving so my mind was focused on that :frowning:

If the bag is still available I would actually like to know the shipping costs. Which flavor is it ?

Thanks again,


No problem. It is chocolate flavor. According to the post office website, shipping would be 17,00€ since it’s almost 2kg. I’d be willing to sell the bag and include shipping for 47,00€ total.


Sorry again my mind was focused of moving ! Thank you for checking but the total price is only 23€ from 2 new bags from Huel so I guess it’s not worth it.

Thanks again anyway,