2 bags of Gluten Free vanilla huel for sale (1 unopened)

Hi Guys

I have two bags of Gluten Free Vanilla Huel for sale. One of the bags is unopened and the other has had 6-7 scoops taken out. There is also an unopened pineapple coconut flavour pouch I’ll throw in. I have tried three shakes and I can’t get used to the taste and the texture (should’ve got the sample pack first)

I only purchased this a few days ago. The use by date is 08/2018.

I am looking to sell the lot for £40.00 which included postage. Im not sure of forum rules on this so feel free to delete this if it breaches any. I can be contacted by email on sidewinder1508@hotmail.com

No interest??

Do Huel allow you to return one pouch as long as it is unopened??

We do - please contact cutomer services and they’ll advise

James is your hurl still available?

I haven’t tried it before but have all sorts of digestive issues and am gluten free. It’s quite an expensive experiment so if it’s still available I am interested.

Do let me know.

Thank you


Hi Jane

Apologies for delayed response

It’s been sold