[edit: sold] Selling Huel! (1 or both, price negotiable)

Hello! Ever wanted to try Huel but didn’t want to blow 50 quid at one go? Here’s your chance!


  • £23/ea or £44 for both. (U.P. £50) Price very negotiable, just shoot me a DM!
  • Unopened Gluten-Free Vanilla
  • Unopened Gluten-Free Coffee
  • Unused shaker + 2 scoops included
  • Best Before: 03/2020

Reason for selling: I have more than I need and would like some money to buy a fan for this increasing heat. Also accidentally got gluten free :sweat_smile:

Any questions feel free to message or comment, thanks!


But it’s only £40 for two bags direct from Huel with a t-shirt as well as a shaker and they deliver next day… :face_with_monocle:

@EmG it’s £50 for gluten free, but I wouldn’t mind selling it for cheaper than the regular ones too :slight_smile: accepting offers haha

Those pouches look so crisp. This pleases me greatly.

Hope you get your fan @jeffy89 :blush:

@Tim_Huel haha thanks Tim, gotta love ‘em crisp pouches! It’s reserved for now, am one step closer to my fan :partying_face: