Abdominal pain

Hello, over the past month or so I have noticed that I’ve been getting bad pains on the right side of my abdomen, I started to notice it when I was running although it got worse over time, now it seems to have just plateaued and won’t go away. At first, I thought it was just illness but as it got worse I started to think I may have something more severe like celiac (or something along those lines) since I have other symptoms that would match that so I stopped having gluten for 5 days and only drank/ate gluten-free huel and white rice although nothing changed. I’ve been using Huel for over 1 year now, pretty consistently too so I never thought that could be the reason behind this all until recently.

I’ve recently heard about others who have somewhat of a similar issue, some seem to conclude it’s the sucralose or guar gum which it could be. My only real description of it is that I can constantly hear my stomach churning (much more than usual) and when I do any physical exercise it feels as though my stomach is loose, furthermore, I get a very sort of bitter taste in my mouth with a lot of salivae after I have huel which I’ve heard could be gastroesophageal reflux. I really don’t want to stop huel since it’s the best way for me to get essential vitamins but I can’t continue to have these pains and it seems as though all possible outcomes point towards it being something to do with huel in some way, plus I want to start running again. Does anyone have any advice/solutions to this, please?

Did you try to go without having Huel for a few days or a week or so ?
Just to be sure that it’s Huel that’s causing it.

On the other hand, as you’ve been having Huel for over a year now it’s
seems unlikely that’d be the cause of it. Have you consulted a doctor already ?

Yeah I’ve seen a doctor although they couldn’t think of what it would be, it has been put down to gastroesophageal reflux although I’m still not entirely sure if it is that. I’ve decided to go without huel for 2 weeks and see if that makes a difference.

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Hi @Logan

I hadn’t previously come across this before, yet today I also read it here.

Are they only when you run? is the pain like a stitch?

@RyanT Some of us are older than you.


Hello @JamesCollier

The pain started about a month ago on a Tuesday, as I was doing warmups my stomach almost felt as if it was loose and any sort of movement would be uncomfortable, I ignored it and went running which didn’t help as it became a bad stitch-like pain on the right side of my abdomen from just below the belly button to the rib cage. Consequently I cut the run short assuming it was just a bad day and tried again on that thursday although it re-appeared so I stopped again. From then on it seemed to get worse as I noticed the uncomfortable feeling throughout the day (but it wasn’t necessarily painful like it was when I tried to do excersise), furthermore my stomach was making more noise than usual. Since those 4-5 weeks I’ve only ran once which I only did because the stomach disruption seemed to calm down randomly, although on a normal day, the uncomforable feeling has become present for the majority of the day. I’ve noticed that I seem to act up more after drinking huel too, by that I mean my stomach problems become more noticable and I produce more salivae than usual.

As an insight, I drink both berry ready-made huel and berry powdered huel (the most recent version). Both of which contain sucralose.

It’s very well possible that it isn’t the huel and it’s just my body naturally being bad, but the only thing I can think of is that I don’t respond well to something in the huel or I’ve developed some sort of rejection to an ingredient over the year I’ve had it.