About the usability of the online shop

Dear Huel Team,

first I want to say, I am a very happy customer since years. Your products have really improved my life and I am always looking forward to the next Huel drink. My friends laughing about how much I enjoy your drinks and bars.

But today I want to give you a feedback about the usability of your online shop.

In the following I wrote down the steps I have to take to order 1 bag of Huel powder and 3 boxes of Huel bars.
But during that process I decided to order 2 bags.

First, there is no free choice in what order I add the products to the basket.
It isn’t possible to add one bag of powder first, because only after choosing at least two bags the ‘Add to basket’ button is available

I have to go back to ‘Products’, go to bars, reduce the flavours I don’t want, choose the bars I want and add at least two boxes to the basket.

In the basket it is possible to add a single product, at last. After hitting ‘Add products’ an overlay window appears and it is possible to choose a bag of Huel powder.

After adding the Huel powder, I decide, it might be better to order two bags. Because the current bag is nearly empty and the delivery will take a while.
But now it isn’t possible to increase the quantity. Hitting ‘Add products’ again brings me to the overlay window, but now the Huel powder is gone from the list. It isn’t possible to choose a second bag.

I have to close the overlay window,

  • go to Products / Huel Powder
  • reduce the pre-selected flavours to ‘0’
  • choose the preferred flavour
  • click onto ‘Single Purchase’
  • add it to the basket
  • and after going back into the basket I still have to remove the single bag

And why do you check the minimum costs while adding products into the basket?
Why do you not check the overall costs of the basket?

This shop is the most cumbersome shop I know.

Kind regards

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Hey there, thanks for the feedback it’s great to have had you on the team for so long!

So there is a lot of logic in place at the checkout, we’ve got to do a load of different things based on different criteria and that’s why you changing your order at the checkout was difficult. It’s safe to say that ordering 3 boxes of Bars and 2 pouches of Powder is an extremely simple one to get through check out on.

That’s true, it makes sense that if you already have Huel Powder in your basket then you wouldn’t want a pop up asking if you want to add more Huel Powder. Your scenario here is quite unique.

This is all really useful feedback though, so thanks for taking the time to let us know!