Account and password management options

On there are nice sections for order history and subscription management, but from what I can tell, no way to update your account email or password right now – these are fairly necessary :wink:

Thanks for pointing that out. I’d never noticed this before. If you want to reset your password or anything I can help with that in the short term. Email me at

Hi, it looks like there is still no password management options on the website. I would like to change my password.

Sorry, found settings but that’s for in here :confused:

We are working on our own subscription software that will be amazing! Sorry that you don’t have the ability to change your password yourself. I have sent you a password reset email, look out for it and let me know if that works.


Thanks! I got the reset message.


A year after the latest staff post in here and there still doesn’t seem to be an easy way to reset your password. Currently you have to go through the “forgot password” process which is… inefficient and illogical. The vast majority of other websites have no problem with having a “change password” facility in their user account, and it seems really bizarre that the Huel website doesn’t have this really basic function.

The website is built on the back of Shopify, so account management options are limited by what is available from them.

The ‘forgot password’ process which is the only option for any Shopify store not moving authentication outside of Shopify’s systems (which has higher security risks all round, though there are reasons this may be done) is the only option available. The same goes for changing email addresses and names. We’re working on a few account updates to allow more of the admin side personalisation options to be opened up to Hueligans but our focus has been on the core functionality of the new account area, which is entirely custom work pulling information from several external systems.